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When your event is executed flawlessly, comes in under budget, produces a significant return on investment and creates a memorable experience, it can only enhance your profile in the business. You are the hero.

Event Management is a multi-disciplinary occupation which requires the Event Manager to have creative, technical and organisational skills. By making use of these skills your organisation will:

1. Save Time
Planning an event is extremely time consuming, especially when your team is already over-extended. Using a professional allows you to leave site selection, contract negotiation, registration, accommodation, logistics and event marketing up to the expert. This will free up your team to concentrate on what matters most i.e. the program content.

2. Save Money and Increase Buying Power
Everyone wants to cut costs and save money. Having a partner on your side that has established relationships with hotels, convention centres, speakers, caterers, AV companies etc., gives you access to suppliers that are affordable, reliable and professional.

Maximising your buying power and getting the most out of your budget can also help generate additional savings that can be used to enhance other parts of your event e.g. using a professional keynote speaker, theming the gala dinner etc.

3. Decrease Stress by Minimising Risk
Event managers look at risk assessment at every step in the planning process and thus prepare for every contingency that may occur on site anywhere up to 12 months in advance. This means your event runs as planned.

4. Accountability
Serving as a member on a conference committee or being the person in charge of organising a company event is time consuming and stressful. Hiring an event manager will relieve you of the day to day responsibility of managing the admin, financial and logistical affairs of running an event, and allow you to spend more time concentrating on event and organisation objectives.

Responsibility, accountability and transparency are expected throughout each step of the process. Working with an accountable third-party event manager means an increased focus on cost control and also on providing extra value for attendees.

5. Continuity
As staff members change, the history of your event can be lost. Outsourcing means that momentum is kept and planning for the next event can kick off straight away with no learning curve taking up valuable weeks of planning time.

6. Experience
No doubt your staff has some knowledge of event planning, but it’s possible that your team lacks the complete set of skills and experience to plan and execute all aspects of your event successfully. When you use an event manager you gain the expertise of a seasoned, credentialed professional that will guide you skilfully through each process.

7. No Job Threat
Contrary to popular belief, even if you’re the company event manager, outsourcing to a third party for some, or all, of your event needs does not pose a threat to your job or the jobs of others within your organisation. Event managers work as an extension of your staff and provide an increased level of expertise, service and support that would not be available otherwise.

8. Location
It doesn’t matter where you or your event manager are located, as long as both parties can be connected via phone/teleconference/Skype and email, your event can be organised from anywhere.

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