Wednesday, August 15th, 2012
Grant Smith cannot believe it, with the world changing at such a rate, people are forgetting how to interact with each other, and pretty soon, there may not even be any more music festivals happening!

"We thought we had prepared for any disaster - hurricane, flood, Fire, even terrorist attack. "But", lamented Grant, "We never Imagined the amount of damage an XBOX could do.More and more people prefer to be couch potatoes and sit on the lounge rather than get out and meet new people and have real fun. Quite seriously it could put us out of business."

Over the last 10 years attendance has dropped 47%, and it will be interesting to see what will happen this year with one of the oldest music, food and wine festivals in the Hunter Valley, “Jazz in the Vines”.

With this world class act, this year, and their 20th Anniversary only time will tell if this dangerous trend will continue.

According to Grant Smith, the founder of the Jazz in the Vines Festival, "This year is our 20th Anniversary, and we have the best line up the history of our festival, including Tom Burlinson, Darren Percival from “the Voice”, and Grace Knight. I hope we will be around for years to come, but it's the public that will tell us if they prefer Xboxes and sitting in front of the T.V or Real Live music, Food, wine and Fun, and quite frankly I am nervous to find out the answer."

For more information on what Grant is doing to fight the couch potato syndrome, call Grant on 0419255055.

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