Wednesday, August 15th, 2012
• Lacking energy?
• Can’t lose weight?
• Confused by label claims in the supermarket?
• Concerned about food additives?
• Want to make the best choices for your children?
• Don’t know what to feed your family anymore?

International presenter and best-selling author Cyndi O’Meara is coming to Adelaide for a once-only appearance to present FOOD FOR LIFE: her life-changing, dynamic views on food shopping, cooking and eating. Cyndi O'Meara is not your typical nutritionist. She disagrees with low-fat, low-calorie diets, thinks chocolate can be good for you, butter is better and coffee is not so bad. She has never taken an antibiotic, pain-killer or any other form of medication in her life. As a leader of change with regards to health, nutrition and school canteens, Cyndi teaches principles that significantly improve people's lives and wellbeing.

In FOOD FOR LIFE, Cyndi will demonstrate how food manufacturers and advertisers are tricking you into believing you are eating well, whilst feeding their own pockets. She will teach you why it is important to reclaim your power and treat your body to lip-smacking, nutritious, energising meals again.

– Reading ingredient labels will never be the same once you hear the facts. They are not what they seem!
– You will be surprised to hear that good fats come from nature, including saturated fat, and bad fats like margarine and cooking oil are made in a chemical laboratory.
– Believe it or not, it is possible to make a healthy chocolate cake. Once you learn that yummy food can actually be healthy for you it is very liberating.
– Learn how to make the right choices so you never have to take antibiotics again.

Date: Thursday 13th September, 2012
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Burnside Community Centre, Cnr Greenhill & Portrush Rd, Tusmore
Tickets: $25
Available from: Greenhill Family Chiropractic (tel: 8431 9536)

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Cyndi O'Meara

Cyndi is a passionate, determined and knowledgeable speaker on health issues and uses her education and experience to help others improve their quality of life so they too can enjoy greater health and longer lives. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Nutrition from Deakin University in Victoria and the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. Cyndi also undertook postgraduate studies from RMIT Victoria in human anatomy, pathology, physiology and diplomas in diagnosis and management of health issues. A lively and inspiring health expert and lifestyle coach, Cyndi O’Meara has regularly appeared on national talk-back radio to educate listeners on how to overcome health problems and lead a happy, healthy, high-energy lifestyle.
P: (07) 5493 7135
M: 0438 770 072


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