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Life Sucks but YOU CAN Turn It Around : by Maree Hamilton

Emotional author, Maree Hamilton, has touched many hearts and souls through her book based on coping with life’s toughest challenges. Her first book in a self help series, “Life Sucks but YOU CAN Turn It Around”, delivers real stories from real people to soothe, heal and open your heart – you will be inspired to overcome any challenge in your life no matter how difficult!

Anyone who seeks inspiration MUST read this heart-warming journey of ordinary Australians sharing their stories on topics such as cancer, depression, domestic violence, grief, infertility, suicide, road trauma and more.
Maree Hamilton is not just an insightful author, she is also a keynote speaker and sold her accounting business in 2011 to help others overcome adversity. “Life Sucks but YOU CAN Turn It Around”, is more than a book. It is counselling in a book, for the next 365 days, and has been a sought after resource by a growing number of counsellors!

It does not matter if you read this book from front to back, or just turn to a page without looking; each ‘message’ will touch your heart in so many ways. Psychologists also share their knowledge and support organisations are provided as an additional reference point.
One must purchase this book and see for themselves as words cannot describe how the stories shared bared the soul of those brave people for a common purpose! “This book makes the perfect gift to help someone you love who may be enduring tough times. It is almost a life manual and feedback I am receiving is that it is life changing!”

This self help book has been published and distributed in Australia and is distributed by Dennis Jones & Associates.

10% of profits will be donated annually to the support organisations appearing in the book.

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Maree Hamilton

OLINDA author and motivational speaker, Maree Hamilton, has a life story that is an incredible tale of survival and she wants to help others overcome adversity in their own lives too. After enduring 7 miscarriages in a row, escaping a knife attack from an abusive partner, having depression and losing her father to bipolar three years, Maree certainly knows what it is like to hit rock bottom!
Maree Hamilton
P: 0408340817


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