Friday, August 10th, 2012

BRISBANE, Australia –  Author Sharon Ann Rowland comments on the possibility of humans from different races working together in her first title in the "Crystal Channelers" series, “The Crystal Channelers and the Last Reincarnation”.  Rowland takes readers to 2018, where they meet six seemingly normal individuals living in Australia. But Samantha, Varnin, Peter, Maggie, York and Doc Abysinnia are anything but normal; they have been reincarnating since the beginning of time.

When all mixed blood humans are wiped from the Earth, the six must figure out how to rebuild their lives and the world around them. With their varied experience, and new gifts, they learn how to survive, trust and love one another. While working hard to regain a sense of normalcy, each individual faces flashbacks to their previous lives on Earth.

Each character brings something different to the story and to their quest,” Rowland says. “Each Crystal Channeler represents a different face of modern day Australia.

By using a cast of characters from different backgrounds, races, ages and careers, Rowland hopes to attract an equally varied audience. She believes that her work that dabbles in the realm of science fiction and fantasy will show readers that people with different beliefs can work and live together in harmony, by overcoming adversity, having empathy, showing intelligence and good old fashioned hard work.

My books deal with race issues, with human behaviour and what we can do to live in peace with one another,” Rowland says. “But it also gives readers a unique look at Australia and our character.

Rowland believes her Crystal Channeler series highlights mankind’s often ignored ability to work together and hopes that her fictional works inspire readers to adopt a more positive outlook on multiculturalism. Considering her social media following which in the past six months has grown to 9,000 followers on both Twitter and Facebook, she may realise this aspiration sooner than expected.

The Crystal Channelers” Book Series (ISBNs: 978-1463774653, 978-1463788315, 978-1463788322) is available for sale online at, Amazon, iTunes (iBookStore) and other online and retail channels.


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Sharon Ann Rowland immigrated to Australia with her family from England nearly 30 years ago. She found the transition to be overwhelming, and turned to literature to escape the difficulties of adjusting to a new country and people. She has worked in the IT industry as a Training Manager and Business/Process Analyst for two decades in many of Australia’s top companies. However, when she faced a health issue in 2008, she decided to take some time away from work and write the novel she had wanted to write since she was 13. Since then, Rowland has written three novels that reflect her enduring love for her adopted country.

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