Thursday, August 9th, 2012
Recent testing by Queensland’s Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing (DAFF) has found that a Queensland company’s broccoli sprout powder produces high levels of sulforaphane when chewed, dissolved in water or digested.

Super Sprout produces 100 per cent pure fruit and vegetable powders and their broccoli sprout powder was tested for its ability to produce sulforaphane, a chemical known to stimulate the body's natural ability to fight cancer.

Biochemist Dr Anita Matthias says many consumers know sulforaphane for it’s anti-carcinogenic properties despite the fact that not all forms of sulforaphane have this effect.

“Broccoli sprouts and broccoli sprout powders can produce both sulforaphane and sulforaphane nitrile,” Dr Matthias says.

“Glucoraphanin, a stable plant glucosinolate, is converted to the cancer-fighting sulforaphane by the myrosinase present in the powder. This only occurs when water is added to the powder.

“Sulforaphane nitrile is produced when epithiospecifiers (ESP) are present in the sprouts and it does not possess the cancer-fighting properties that sulforaphane does.

“Eliminating the formation of ESP in broccoli sprout increases the fractional conversion of glucoraphanin to sulforaphane which is the most beneficial.”

Dr Matthias says the extensive testing concluded that Super Sprout’s unique production process has optimised the powder’s ability to produce sulforaphane.

“Super Sprout's production methods preserve the enzymes needed to produce sulforaphane as soon as it is chewed, dissolved in water or digested,” Dr Matthias says.

“Over 80 per cent of glucoraphanin in the powder will convert to the active sulforaphane, which is a phenomenal result.

“This means that over 80 percent of the sulforaphane in Super Sprout’s broccoli sprout powder is the form that will stimulate the body’s ability to battle cancer.”

Dr Matthias says DAFF found some interesting results when comparing the powders with the original broccoli sprout seed or plant.

“Tests were conducted to see the impact that storage had on the enzymes and found that storage actually improves the benefits of broccoli sprout powder.

“Storage reduces ESP activity yet leaves the myrosinase levels intact. When ESP is reduced, more of the active sulforaphane is made.”

Super Sprout CEO Melinda Richards says the company is very excited about the test results that accompany the other benefits they were already aware of.

“Super Sprout powders help add the goodness of real fruit and vegies into everyday recipes to maximise their nutritional value,” Melinda says.

“But we were unaware that our methods and the storage life of up to three months could optimise the amount of sulforaphane that can be produced.

“We are thrilled to have had a government department conduct testing on our broccoli sprout powder and confirm the genuine benefits of the product.”

The Super Sprout range includes broccoli sprout, wheatgrass sprout, apple, lemon, strawberry, beetroot, carrot, ginger, blueberry and barleygrass sprout.

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