Wednesday, August 8th, 2012
Baby Glimpse recent partnership with Toshiba is a source of great pride. It is certain that Toshiba leads in the market, when it comes to ultrasound technology. This further guarantees us of latest technology in ultrasound devices at all times. Our recent acquisition of "Toshiba Aplio 400", which is the latest 3D/4 D ultrasound device in the market, is a clear indication. Their ultrasound technology remains unmatched in the market allowing mothers to meet and bond with their unborn babies.

Ultrasound is a technology that makes use of sound waves to study the internal structures. This technology has been in existence for a long period now and it is desirable since it has no known side effects. The quality of an ultrasound image depends on the age of the machine used. This is because of the rapid technological advancements in modern era. Current machines have better software and hardware hence quality images.

Ultrasound technology is rapidly advancing into 3D and 4D. Unfortunately, most centers have inexperienced staff whose aim is to exploit expectant mothers. The questions you should ask to ensure you make an informed decision:
Is the centre fully registered and authorized by an accredited authority?
Does the centre use professional ultrasound equipments?
How old is the ultrasound equipments?
What is the model of the ultrasound equipments?

Nonetheless, you should be aware that most centers will not provide you with straight answers for your queries. However, you can verify by checking their claims online. This will go far much in ensuring that you and your unborn child are afforded good care.

Baby Glimpse is currently the leading 3D/4D ultrasound centre in Sydney. They combine latest technology with passion to cater for your needs at unbelievable prices. You will agree with me that in this contemporary era, all that mothers want is good care for their unborn. This influenced us to source the best ultrasound technologies available in the market. Besides, they have gone a step further and introduced one of the best packages for expectant mothers.

Package 1
The package costs only $110 US dollars. It is the best package to determine gender even at early stages. It includes a 10 minutes video, 10 photos on a CD and 9 photos printed on an A4 page.

Package 2
The package only costs $160 US dollars. It comes with a 15 minutes DVD, 25 photos in a CD and 18 gallery photos printed on A4 size sheet.

Package 3
With just $ 120 US dollars, you get a 20 minutes DVD, 45 photos in a CD and 18 photo gallery printed on an A4 size sheet.

Package 4
This package goes for only $260 US dollars. It includes a 20 minutes DVD, 60 photos in a CD and 18 photo gallery printed on an A4 size sheet.


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Baby Glimpse Imaging - 3d and 4d ultrasound, Sydney

Baby Glimpse's centre has experienced sonographer both in the public and private sector. Their goal is to bring this wonderful experience to all mothers together with their families through affordable and accessible packages. 
With their latest technology, they will get you satisfactory images that will afford you much delight. Just imagine the experience of observing your unborn child smile, yawn and wave in 3D! Besides, you get to walk away with a package of CD, DVD and photos to preserve the precious moments. 

Their beautiful setting will ensure you experience a unique bonding with the expected child. They understand that these are precious moments that you deserve to treasure without end. So, why settle for inferior centers with outdated ultrasound technology? Reach us through our website. They believe that you deserve better bonding moments with your unborn. Baby Glimpse looks forward to this. There is no doctor's referral required. Just call and book an appointment.
Baby Glimpse
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