Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Ian ‘Powerhouse’ Jacobs rewrote the kickboxing history books last week when he staged the sport's biggest comeback. At the same time he delivered a message of safety for families across Australia.

Jacobs had the Melbourne Docklands crowd screaming on their feet when, after a nine-year retirement, with his first kick, he broke the record for the fastest KO in the sport’s history – the record that has stood for 17 years, held by Stan ‘the Man’ Longinidis.

Last Man Standing, the eight-man eliminator fight for the World Kickboxing Title, was televised live to millions around the world.

“This comeback fight was to raise awareness of the S.A.F.E. program I have spent years developing,” Jacobs explains.

“Our aim is to educate women, children and the elderly about ways that they can protect themselves from attacks, whether at school, in clubs or at home. I hope to leave a legacy long after I get out of the ring providing S.A.F.E. programs and educating millions of everyday Australians.”

Ian Jacobs has reached unbelievable heights in his sport and holds some of the biggest awards and titles ever bestowed. Voted in 1996 and 2008 as one of the best martial artists of all time, his accolades include the best ever fight seen on FOX Sports and Australia’s Best Kickboxer ‘pound for pound’ of all time.

Jacobs has recently had his battles out of the ring, taking care of his father, who was diagnosed with aggressive terminal cancer.

“Some of us are lucky enough to have the skills to keep ourselves safe, the rest have to be taught,” he says. “Not enough time is spent teaching common sense safety in schools or the community. We are tackling complex problems and it is not just in the low income areas, the problems of violence and bullying are right across the board.”

Jacobs is enlisting the support of sporting icons and celebrities to join him as role models aiming primarily at reducing violence in the schools. He is also shooting a TV series about the issues Australians face.

“I am serious about making a difference and believe it is critical that icons demonstrate behaviours that are healthy to the next generation,” he said.

The Last Man Standing audience paid $500 each a ticket and they certainly got their moneys’ worth. In a single kick, Jacobs launched himself from one side of the ring to the other, knocking our his opponent, ‘the Headhunter’ from New Guinea, in less than five seconds.

Asked how he felt about being knocked off his 17-year perch, commentator and record holder Stan Longinidis said, “Ian Jacobs in the nineties was unbelievable and I am ok losing my title to him. What a classy fighter, what a kick!”

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SAFE & Powerhouse Pty Ltd

About the S.A.F.E Program www.safecommunity.com.au

S.A.F.E stands for Securing A Family Environment.
A world first developed by a team of Australian experts, S.A.F.E delivers a series of practical tips and personal safety education, with a common sense approach to reducing risk in everyday situations.

The purpose of the program is to educate, create awareness and offer violence prevention strategies.

The major benefit of this initiative is to help families, women, children and the elderly take common sense steps to create a safe place in their home, work and local community.

S.A.F.E is an effective education program for personal safety regardless of gender, ethnic background, age or fitness. The program is a collaboration between Queenslanders Ian Jacobs and Kim Sheree, the survivor of an unprovoked attack outside her home, and a panel of martial arts experts, it is the largest program of its kind to ever be launched.

The S.A.F.E Handbook is a great resource for every family to read and learn. Download it FREE at http://safecommunity.com.au/assets/SAFE_HANDBOOK-lowres.pdf

About Ian Jacobs www.ianjacobs.com

One of the best martial artists of all time.
Australia’s Pound for Pound ‘greatest Kick boxer of all time’.
Best ever K.O award.
Best ever fight seen on FOXTV.
Australia’s most wanted ‘come back’ athlete.

Undisputed TRIPLE (3 x) World Kickboxing Champion.
World W.K.A champion.
World Intercontinental W.K.A champion.
World I.S.K.A champion.
10 x state, national & international title belts.

1996 International Kickboxing (IK) ‘Hall of Fame”.
2008 I.S.K.A “Hall of Fame”.

Kim Sheree
P: 07 3851 3460
M: 0404 843 405
W: www.ianjacobs.com/


When Queenslander Ian ‘Powerhouse’ Jacobs rewrote the kickboxing history books last week he was fighting for the safety of families across Australia.


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