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Furless launched their professional cosmetics company in 2009. The goal of the founder and president, Coralie Ryan, was to offer professional cosmetics that are cruelty-free and vegan certified; products that could be used by professionals in the cosmetics industry who wanted to align their desire for quality, cruelty-free products with the high standard of professional makeup artistry. Furless was the answer. “We believe that cruelty for the sake of art or vanity just ain't cool,” says Ryan.


As sponsors of Wildlife ARC, Furless’ goal is to offer a viable alternative to animal-based makeup products while still offering makeup artists a professional makeup brush set that can stand up to the top cosmetic brands in the industry. Since their launch, the company has garnered positive reviews from professional makeup artists as well as non-professional makeup users. The company has been mentioned in Zooey Magazine and Wedding Flavours Magazine and continues to grow in popularity because of their specialty: high-quality, cruelty-free cosmetic brushes that are PETA certified and vegan friendly.

While the new Furless set has mass market appeal, the luxury makeup brushes are designed for professional makeup artists seeking an alternative to brushes and cosmetic brush sets that use animal hair. “The set contains a full range of products and comes with all of the brushes needed to go on to do professional work right off the bat,” says Ryan. Users are singing praises for the new Furless makeup brushes and cruelty-free cosmetic brush sets. “This set exceeded my expectations in terms of them being synthetic. I know Furless always has great quality products but these are just so soft and dense and no must have brush has been left out,” says user John Stevens. Makeup artist Jodie Campbell agrees, “They look very professional and glam,” she says. “All the brushes are of such good quality and I love the colour of the handles. I haven't been able to stop touching them and looking at them!”

The new Furless professional makeup brushes are priced well within range of most makeup artist’s budgets, allowing for the Furless vegan makeup brushes to be used for mid-level to industry sized photo and video shoots.
For more information on the Furless Must Have Makeup Brushes & Sets or other Furless cruelty-free cosmetics, visit To purchase Furless PETA certified and vegan makeup brush sets directly, go to

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Furless is an Australian based cosmetics company that makes and markets professional grade makeup brushes and products. Their products are PETA certified and are cruelty-free and vegan.
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