Tuesday, August 7th, 2012
Sydney, 7 August 2012. 

7 out of 10 Australian Workers surveyed by local and international award winning corporate training company Happening People (www.HappeningPeople.com) believe they are in control of their success in the workplace. This is good news for productivity in Australian workplaces.

Workers are often at the mercy of the needs of the organisation, their bosses, shareholders and even Mother Nature yet given these variables almost ¾ of Ausssies still believe they are in control of their success at work.  

Managing Director of Happening People, Samuel Day, said: “The results of the survey are significant and a little surprising given there are so many factors that determine employees ability to be successful in the workplace.”

The survey was born from the often asked question “Are we masters of our own destiny?” and those who believe it to be true tend to be more engaged in the workplace with higher productivity, less absenteeism, greater innovation and customer satisfaction.

“A company’s performance is directly linked to the engagement of its people," Mr Day said.  "A strongly motivated and goal orientated group of workers who have control of their own success can do more for an organisations success than a surge in sales.”

Employees who believe they can actively influence their success are engaged employees.  Engaged employees are a priceless commodity in any organisation. Research by Gallup Inc shows the lost productivity of actively disengaged employees costs the US economy $370 BILLION annually. 

The survey is the focal point of this week’s workplace blog by Happening People - Top 5: How to Succeed No Matter What (http://blog.happeningpeople.com).
The top 5 include:

1. Understand your passions
2. Believe you can be successful 
3. Pick your skills
4. Never give up 
5. Learn from the nay-sayers

Happening People are known for their talents in working with organisations to take control of their companies’ performance.  They have worked with more than 1 in 500 working Australians and 20% of Australia’s top 100 largest organisations.  They offer Corporate Training Programs focused on Effective Leadership and Coaching Programs aimed at assisting; Leaders, Managers and their teams to become effective and inspiring leaders.

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Happening People Training and Management Consultants

HAPPENING PEOPLE was founded by Samuel Day in 1996.  Since that time it consulted with 25% of Australia's Top 100 companies over the past 15 years. Today more than 1 in every 500 working Australians has attended a Happening People corporate training program in topics such as; Solutions Selling Skills, Customer Service, Performance Management and Leadership.

Happening People helps clients take control of their performance and that of their people by understanding the needs of the client and tailoring a specific learning program to achieve greater performance.

More information is available at www.happeningpeople.com

Samuel Day
P: 0412 228 124
W: www.happeningpeople.com


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