Saturday, August 4th, 2012
Zen Automotive Suppliers (ZAS) have announced a new range of polishing materials to be used in any demanding surface finishing for your car. This is in addition to other brand-new products like the Optimum Microfiber polishing pad and the Lake County CSS Orange cutting pad. These can be used in various polishing compounds to offer a perfect finish. There are also many other new products for your car, which you can find and view from the stores main website.

Menzerna is the world's finest polishing material now sold by Zen Automotive Suppliers. It comes in a range of forms all used for various applications that require serious attention to detail in surface finishing. This finishing product is the best because it can be used on different surfaces ranging from automotives metal, plastic and wood. These include the SF 4000, FF 3000, FG 500, UF 5000, PF 2500, IP 2000 and PG 1000. ZAS offers you this product in solid, liquid and paste form. All these forms contain the main polishing compound that makes the product able to offer you quality and efficiency when polishing your car. By using this product, your car will have an improved surface quality. You will also reduce the time you need to polish your car and the amount of compounds you apply on your car each time.

In addition to the polishing product, ZAS also offers you the Optimum Microfiber polishing pad 6.25" and Lake County CSS Orange cutting pad 4". These are polishing pads to help you spread polish evenly across the surface of your car and help level defects leaving the surface of your car without dullness. There are other new quality products you can view and purchase from ZAS car detailing products online store.

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Zen Automotive Suppliers are importers and wholesalers who procure and sell premium detailing products. ZAS offers a wide variety of brands and products to be able to cater to all your car care needs. They stock car products ranging from cleaners, detailing kits, interior care, wheels, tires and accessories. This provides you with different options to suit your individual taste and needs. You also get to purchase the best seller products, new products and items on sale from the store. You can pay for your order using credit cards or by making a bank deposit to the stores account.

ZAS is always on the lookout for new quality products and to procure specific car care products you request. However, this is upon providing details of the desired product. You will get assistance on how to make the right choice and to get the most out of car care products from the online store. Additionally, you get tips on how to clean and polish your car using different products for maximum results. You can contact ZAS online store through their website to discuss what products you want that best suits your needs. Besides, you can get support by sending an email to the store by completing the form found in the "contact us" page.
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