Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

“Are you absolutely sure, you know about the ‘danger zone’?” asks Ms Hi-Jean, “I sure do, it’s that part of footy Port Adelaide always has trouble with!” says Andrew Bug.. “Oh dear”, shaking her head Ms Hi-Jean looks worried..

"With over 5.4 million Australians poisoned every year and 120 deaths*, you really need to learn about food hygiene. The bugs don't care if you are at home, at work, at the takeaway or at a family BBQ!  How many people do you know that have suffered food poisoning?" says Steve Hall, producer and writer of 'Bug Man'. *Source: Food Standards Australia and New Zealand.

‘Bug Man’, an entertaining hybrid learning production filmed at various locations around Adelaide, follows the hilarious story of BBQ poisoner Andrew Bug and his induction at one of Adelaide’s finest bakeries.

The popularity of cooking shows means that, more than ever, people need an easy way of accessing learning information about what NOT to do in the kitchen and in how to prepare food safely.

‘Bug Man’ is perfect for budding chefs or a perfect gift for those who have poisoned you!

From washing of hands, cross contamination, food storage, personal hygiene, the 'Danger Zone', '3 second rule', 'Hi-risk' foods to all the fun of the bugs and more.

‘Bug Man’ uses the accredited unit of competency 'Follow workplace hygiene procedures’ as a guide and uses adult learning principles throughout to embed learning. Principles are reinforced by 'pop' quizzes and the production is broken up into bite sized chunks.

A funny engaging video / narrated info-graphics production aimed at food preparers everywhere, from  home, to work and to learners in training companies. 

The main characters of ‘Bug Man’ are played by Adelaide performers David Machen as Andrew Bug – ‘Bug Man’ and Anna Scott who plays both ‘Ms Lush’, the character everybody loves to hate (karma strikes and bad things happen to Ms Lush) and ‘Ms Hi-Jean’ who conducts a formal induction on Andrew Bug a new employee at the Bakery.

Will be available for download to Smartphones, Tablets, PC’s and for training companies to use in the classroom, online and to distribute to their learners.

‘Bug Man’ is now finalizing in post-production and includes; narrated info-graphics, video segments, fly-in quizzes and can be supported via the crowd funding sites Pozible.

'Bug Man' is a significant national release from the learning production house

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