Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

McCrindle Research surveyed over 500 Australians and found over half (52%) believed we would be in the Top 5 of the Olympic Medal Tally. However, the study also found 90% of respondents thought we weren’t performing at our very best when it comes to our international sporting achievements. 

The survey captured Australian perspectives on how we are tracking in our international sporting pursuits, compared to the past. The survey was live from the 26th of July, with all responses collected before the 30th of July. This means all responses were collected before the majority of swimming finals at the Olympic Games.

Australians were incredibly optimistic about how we were going to perform in terms of medals at the games. 1 in 10 believed we’d achieve first or second place in the medal tally, while over half (52%) thought we’d be in the top 5. 

While our hopes for medals were high, just 1 in 10 of us thought Australia was performing better than ever in the international sporting area. However, 72% thought we were doing well, and just 1 in 20 thought we were doing fairly badly or worse. 90% felt we weren’t at our very best. 

When asked the contributing factors that may have lead to us performing below what we have in the past, the main causes were seen to be more in regards to other nations and the funding and programs they invest in. However, a third also thought it was just a “cycle”, while 29% attributed it to children not having enough time to play sport and not enough government funding for sporting organisations. 

When asked about children’s sport it was clear that parents are looking for a balance. While over 1 in 5 felt sport was about activity and fun more than anything else, nearly 1 in 5 (17%) were more in favour of sports that remind children of the goal of winning, dealing with losing and being competitive.

However, an additional 6 in 10 (61%) did indicate there needed to be a healthy level of competition in children’s sport. 

About this Study:
The research supporting this summary was conducted by McCrindle Research through a national study of Australians which received 557 completed surveys. For comment, please contact Mark McCrindle on 0411 5000 90 or Francesca Dalton on 02 8824 3422. Alternatively email: [email protected]

The full press release is available on our website, detailing the questions asked and the full demographic breakdown of respondents.  For more information visit:

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