Thursday, August 2nd, 2012
The author of a new novel loosely based on her life as a Type 1 Diabetic has received the Kellion Medal from Diabetes Australia for having survived the disease for over 50 years. Josey Alexander contracted the debilitating disease at the age of four after witnessing an horrific murder in Kings Cross Sydney.

The novel ‘SICK’ follows her life long rampage of revenge, her struggle with her disease, her physical sufferings and conquests, and her love of history and film, as she hones her skills in the demise of some and the murder of others.

Josey, through her association with the art of film, having attended the main world festivals and having directed her own very successful film festival, has enjoyed a life of exotic travel and adventurous exploits in cities as diverse as Djibouti and Cannes.

A public speaker who is willing to proselytise her tantalising project to its intended audience - the public intellectual, the casual reader and, the majority of the general public who enjoy deep immersion into brutal and sensual fantasies, Josey has based her gender neutral novel on real events, and real people in a backdrop littered with references to history and cultural peculiarities.

Although the characters sashay in the dregs of Kings Cross in Sydney and in the opulence of the Gold Coast, the story could easily be ‘Monopoly boarded’ for international application and release.

Well-crafted characters explore the worlds of the mind and the body, pulse and sentiment, avoiding tropes, clichés and stereotypes. An uninhibited realist, Josey Alexander is a child of the sexy seventies. Her survival of a fifty-year battle with brittle Type 1 Diabetes has manifested itself in life threatening complications not obvious to strangers, not even her limited sight.

The novel asks the questions what is insanity, what is evil, is there really any difference, does it spawn and asks the reader to play trivia and name the films interwoven into Josey’s plot of patterns and extreme funny games.

Josey Alexander’s first foray into the world of serious dramatic fiction follows her contribution to publications that have, to date, displayed her comedic skills. Josey is weird, wild and will travel and promote, yell and sell, participate in literary festivals and speak enthusiastically at dinners and lunches, but not breakfasts. After wild nights she doesn’t wake up till eleven.

But she doesn’t want to be defined by her disease, about which she has spoken on Today Tonight and Channel 9 news. She would rather leave a legacy to the world of literature.

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