Thursday, August 2nd, 2012
The birth of an industry is a rare event, particularly one outside the fast-paced realms of information technology. However, Australia is poised to experience just that; benefitting from decades of
international research and development, at a socially, environmentally and politically pertinent time.

In 1967, Japanese scientist Akira Fujishima discovered that titanium dioxide (TiO2) had photocatalytic properties. He found that, when exposed to light, TiO2 promotes certain chemical reactions, without undergoing any change to its own structure. These ‘reactions’ include:

1) Antibacterial action, sterilisation and mould prevention,
2) Air deodorisation and the oxidisation/elimination of a vast array of organic and inorganic pollutants including VOC and NOx
3) Self-cleaning action (anti-soiling, anti-fogging, etc)

Over time, it became apparent that - if utilised en masse in ‘urban surface’ applications - TiO2 could have a dramatic impact on our planet; improving the health of humanity, reducing our impact on the environment and extending the life and visual appeal of urban environments.

And so, the industrialisation of photocatalyst products began. The industry spread rapidly through Asia, Europe and USA, where architectural communities are endeavouring to take a longer-term view by considering the ‘real return on investment’ of green design.

Internationally, photocatalytic products include concrete, pavers, paints and renders, tiles, wallpaper, window film, blinds, curtains, cleaning solutions and more.

In Australia, awareness and availability has been non-existent... Until now.

On 12th August, the official Australian launch of Senini EcoTop® air-cleaning, self-cleaning pavers and ‘building façade’ blocks, will be held at the inaugural Outdoor Design & Innovation Expo, Maison Design, 57 Rundle Street East, Kent Town, South Australia. Members of the media, the design and landscaping community and the general public are welcome. Entry is free, and available between 12noon and 3pm.

This event will mark the birth of Australia’s photocatalysis industry.

Laura Braithwaite of Senini EcoTop® distributor Solid Logic Enterprises Pty Ltd, said:

“It’s my hope that EcoTop® will pave the way to awareness and uptake of photocatalysis technology in Australia… That architects, designers and project specifiers will be inspired to consider not only the ‘form’ of an urban structure or space, but the ‘functionality’ of its materials… In my opinion, considering HOW a structure or space could contribute functionally to its environment in the long term, is the key to unlocking truly sustainable Australian cities.”

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Solid Logic Enterprises Pty Ltd

Solid Logic Enterprises Pty Ltd was formed to inspire the design of highly functional and sustainable built environments, generating awareness about the availability of hard surface technologies that provide functional benefits beyond their perceived physical form.

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Laura Braithwaite
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