Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Luanna Wallis from Wyong on the NSW Central Coast releases her debut book 'Does He Like Me or What? 60 Surefire Signs That He's Interested'.

'Does He Like Me Or What?' is a fun and down-to-earth look at the signals that men send when they are interested in a member of the fairer sex. Similar to the way in which a male peacock will strut and display his beautiful plumage to attract a female, human males are biologically programmed to exhibit various "on display" attraction signals towards women of interest.

In this delightful and insightful read everything is put under the microscope. From the way he gravitates towards her, to the way he glances at her, or the way he struts, his sexy stance, his little touches, and even the signs that he's hiding an erection!

Included in the book is a 60 question ‘keenness’ quiz to get an accurate indication of his interest across various interest indicators. The answers are scaled from 'definitely not interested' to 'keenly interested'. The test can be taken at different times to determine if his interest is increasing or waning over time, or to diagnose the 'hot and cold' syndrome.

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Luanna Wallis

Luanna Wallis is an independent non-fiction author located in Wyong on the NSW Central Coast, Australia who specialises in dating and relationship self-help books.
Luanna Wallis
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