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Flash games are a cheap alternative for gaming enthusiasts. They involve small budgets and require little expertise to produce. Indeed, many people have developed a liking for flash games. The fact that people can access them at a low fee only adds to their popularity.

The other advantage that they hold is their simplicity of operation. A mouse and keyboard is normally enough to guarantee a thrilling gaming experience. Here are some of the most popular flash games of different genres:

1. Jenga Physics

Jenga physics include games like Red Remover and Perfect Balance. In this game, users need to subtract elements from a building without destroying it. This has always proved to be an arduous but enjoyable task for most players. Also, the game requires that players must add elements to the structure without causing it to tumble down. The fun in this flash game comes from the fact that players must use their brains to reach tangible goals.

2. Canabalt

Canabalt is an escape flash game that involves ducking things and running. Players must avoid hitting a crate to avoid spawning the platforms. It also involves grinders, which players must evade to have any chance of survival in the game. The core of Canabalt is that players must always outrun the demolition of their cities using a single button. Running as far as they can is the key to success in the game. The various obstacles that inhibit players make for a fun experience.

3. Hedgehog Launch 2

This is a flash game that involves a space travel via Nebraska. The thrill of the game results from the transportation of the hedgehog (Minovia Cay) to the moon. This mission ultimately comes with various challenges but the rewards are immense. Along the way, players can hit platforms and collect coins. There are other valuables in the form of upgraded launcher rigs and hedgehog jet packs. There is also a lot of pleasure that comes with breaking records of previous missions.

4. Music Catch 2

The Music Catch 2 flash game is the ideal game for music lovers. To harness its real thrill, players ought to catch new shapes, songs, motions and patterns. This earns them rewards in the form of points. Another fun feature of the game is its yellow shapes, which multiplies players’ points. The pulsing color allows gamers to unravel new patterns and shapes. The most amazing feature of the game has to be its ability to allow gamers to play their own music. This is only possible when players delve deeper into Music Catch 2 world.

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5. Max Dirt Bike

Max Dirt Bike is a racing game that allows players to get through 19 different obstacles. It is quite challenging considering that players have to maintain their balance while completing the course in the set time. With repeated playing sessions, players will however come to terms with the game. This is where its fun element rears its head. Those who breeze through the different levels will be able to reach the next levels in no time. Here, the dynamics change and the fun increases two-fold.

6. Freerider 2

In this game, players get to actualize their line drawing skills. It involves daring of color tracks and creation of personal levels. Freerider 2 is a fun flash game considering the fact that it allows gamers to create their own flash games and set goals and checkpoints. It also allows players to draw tracks over the internet, post them on social media and share them with friends. Other features of the game include boosts, power-ups and exploding bombs. These features come together to form a thrilling flash game in the form of Freerider 2.

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