Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
South Australia’s ‘Transport Technology Forum – Reducing Our Carbon Footprint’ will address the challenges of the emerging carbon economy and the role of innovative technology developers and commercialisation experts in creating solutions for high-emissions industries.

The forum, to be held at Adelaide Convention Centre on November 23, will focus on opportunities for cutting-edge technologies that reduce the carbon footprint of moving people and things.

Information Economy Minister Michael O’Brien said the Transport Technology Forum is one of the priority actions identified in the Government of South Australia’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry Blueprint, released in 2007.

“The State Government has provided $200,000 in funding to the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) to lead the ICT industry to implement initiatives identified within the Blueprint, including closer co-operation between universities, entrepreneurs and the ICT industry,” Minister O’Brien said.

Byron Riessen, State Chair of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), said that one of the event’s aims was to harness increasing investments by industries such as mining, wine, ICT and defence in transport technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Often there is a gulf between the researchers who come up with technology innovations, the industries that face big challenges in the new carbon economy, and the entrepreneurs or middle-people, who can use the innovations to produce solutions,” Mr Riessen said.

“This forum brings all three of these groups together.”

Recent statistics from the International Energy Agency and International Transport Forum indicate that the transport sector contributes approximately 30% of all global carbon emissions. Road transport in particular contributes 75% of all transport related CO2 emissions.

“Given the importance of road transport to South Australian businesses in wine, mining, agriculture and defence and other markets interstate and overseas, there is a huge opportunity for local technology innovators whose solutions become the 'engine room' for transitioning to low carbon transport systems,” Mr Riessen added.

Technology Industry Association (TIA) CEO Steve Adcock said that the forum would give local companies and researchers an insight into global best practice and ways in which they can participate in the development of the next generation of technologies.

“Some of the opportunities that will grow rapidly are content for mobile devices, virtual worlds and simulations, and access to data from multiple sources,” Mr Adcock said. “We will come to rely on these technologies for more sustainable transport solutions. On show will be everything from a Queensland supply chain optimisation system that could transform wine industry logistics, through to the latest transport simulations from Japan.”

Smart Green Technologies

Brad Moyes, Adelaide-based Asia Pacific Manager of Strategy and Development for the Transport Business at global consultant engineering firm Aurecon, will discuss new technologies that can reduce the impact of commuting, while Jennifer Wilson, Director of multimedia company The Project Factory, will provide an insight into the growing links between the transport sector and ICT industries.

Professor Alex Grant, Director of the Institute for Telecommunications Research at the University of South Australia, will showcase vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications. This technology, developed by Adelaide start-up Cohda Wireless, enables vehicles to warn drivers, or even automatically slow down to avoid collisions. It also enables advanced traffic management systems that can significantly reduce congestion and greenhouse emissions.

Smart metering systems that automatically dim traffic lights when few cars are present will also be showcased by AZZO Automation.

Internode Managing Director Simon Hackett’s Tesla Roadster, the vehicle that has just smashed the EV world distance record, will be on display.

Speakers and Delegates
Speaker profiles and abstracts are available on request.
Delegates attending this forum will be technology developers in software and electronics; industry based contractors; transport industry consultants within road, rail and aviation; those supplying leading market technology; Federal and State Government officers, regulatory bodies and policy advisors.
Speakers include:
  • James DiLiberto, Business Development Manager, AZZO Automation
  • Anita Burns, Forum8
  • Jennifer Wilson, The Project Factory
  • Rocco Zito, Acting Director of Transport Systems
  • Philip Blake, Manager Traffic Operations, Metro Region, DTEI Traffic Management Systems into the Future
  • Robert Crossley, Director, Agtrix Pty Ltd
  • Darrell Bowyer, Managing Director, IMIS Pty Ltd
  • Dr Peter Pudney, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, University of South Australia
  • Alex Grant, Dedicated Short Range Communications - University of South Australia
  • Damith Ranasinghe – University of Adelaide
  • Richard Yeo – ARRB Group Driving Efficiency and Productivity: the Freight Vehicle Fuel-Tool

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The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is the nation’s peak industry body for the technology sector. AIIA sets the strategic direction of the industry, influences public policy and provides members with productivity tools, advisory services and market intelligence to accelerate their business growth.

AIIA member companies employ 100,000 Australians, generate combined annual revenues of more than $40 billion and export more than $2 billion in goods and services each year.
In South Australia, AIIA is focused on aligning the technology industry with the state's economic development and runs numerous programs that create new business opportunities for local organisations as well as multinationals.
AIIA has released Australia’s most comprehensive resource on developing environmentally responsible business practices through Green technology programs - the Greening Your Business through Technology eBook. The Greening Your Business through Technology eBook is available for download free of charge to all Australian companies at www.aiia.com.au/greenit

Byron Riessen
P: 0407 840 315
W: www.aiia.com.au/greenit


South Australia's technology associations, tertiary sector and major industries have collaborated to expedite climate change solutions at the Transport Technology Forum, November 23, Adelaide Convention Centre.



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