Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Gabriel Chocolate, a little-known Western Australian chocolate company, is getting taste buds tingling around the country after it won a swag of medals at this week’s Royal Melbourne Fine Food awards.

The news article “Choc makers get taste buds tingling” has all the details on this story. It says the following: “Chocolate maker Gabriel Myburgh and wife Ruth started their Yallingup chocolate factory just nine months ago and say they are the first in WA to import raw cacao beans and make chocolate on site. Gabriel Chocolate won two gold medals, three silver and a bronze at the awards.”

Mr. Gabriel, an ex-lawyer, said that the six “single-origin” chocolate varieties were manufactured from beans imported from Java, Madagascar, Venezuela and Ecuador. Each of them tastes distinctly different. “Chocolate has lots of flavours, it's not just milk, dark and white chocolate. You can get really quite interesting flavours out of the beans,” he said.

Unlike other chocolate makers who manufacture products using “couverture”, Gabriel Chocolate takes pride in using the cacao beans to manufacture its product. The result is a quality chocolate that is flavoured and melted.

According to Mr. Gabriel, there are only around 200 companies around the world and just a few in Australia which actually make chocolate. “It's self-taught and you read books and experiment. We sort the beans and roast them, which brings out the flavour, shell the beans, grind them and add sugar and things like that and you end up with chocolate,” he said.

Gabriel’s Madagascar dark milk mix was described by the judges as “a ripper”.

About Gabriel Chocolate:

Gabriel Chocolate imports some of the world’s finest raw cacao beans and then converts them into high quality single-origin chocolates at their chocolate gallery located in the town of Yallingup in the Margaret River region. The company is WA’s first-ever bean to bar chocolate manufacturer. Gabriel’s single-origin chocolate improves the naturally-occurring flavour profiles of various varieties of cacao beans. Visitors can savour the amazing array of natural flavours manifested in the chocolate sampling of the day. The onsite café offers 5 Senses Coffee as well as the popular hot chocolate. Whether you want to try out some delectable chocolates yourself or buy the perfect present for chocoholic clients, friends and family, Gabriel Chocolate is the right place to head to. The business is open seven days a week from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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