Thursday, August 9th, 2012

The Inbound Marketing Company and The Hills Shire Council are currently running Inbound Marketing Workshops to help Australian businesses get started with effective inbound marketing tactics.

According to the State of Inbound Marketing 2012, from HubSpot, 89% of marketers will be increasing their budget for inbound marketing tactics in 2012.

With many Australian businesses struggling because of the GFC, marketing budgets are often cut at time when they should be increased. The rapid growth of the internet and social media has changed the marketing landscape and for many business owners tough times mean sticking to what you know, not testing out new areas that may result in little or no return.

Inbound marketing is a consumer centric approach to marketing, another name is permission based marketing. This concept was introduced to small to mid size businesses (SMBs) across the US in 2007, and over the past 5 years the thousands of small businesses who have adopted inbound marketing tactics have not only survived extremely tough economic times in the US, they have thrived. HubSpot, a marketing software company, conducts research annually on marketers across the USA to gain insight into trends and to learn where companies are getting results. Over the past 3 years, since they’ve been conducting this research, the trend for inbound marketing tactics such as; SEO, blogging and social media has seen an increase in generating qualified leads and customers. That is why marketers are now investing more in inbound marketing tactics, rather than outbound and traditional tactics like; trade shows, cold calling and direct mail.

Business owners who are serious about building a sustainable business for the future, and surviving the GFC, must adopt a consumer centric, permission based approach to marketing, to get better results from their marketing. In recent years we’ve heard of iconic brand names in financial trouble because times have changed, and they were too slow to react to the changing consumer. Kodak and Borders are two global brands that missed the boat.

“Marketing has changed, traditional marketing is broken,” says Stacie Chalmers, owner and founder of The Inbound Marketing Company, an Australian based marketing agency that made the switch to inbound marketing. She continues, “Inbound Marketing is consumer centric marketing, leveraging today’s technology. It’s about understanding your market, who they are, what’s important to them and providing the information for which they are searching. There are no unrealistic expectations, or dubious tactics for short term gains. These usually damage brands and reputations.“

If you would like to learn more about Inbound Marketing and how you can improve your marketing and lead generation, The Inbound Marketing Company and The Hills Shire Council are currently running Inbound Marketing Workshops to help Australian businesses get started with effective inbound marketing tactics. Don’t miss the boat like Kodak and Borders, if it can happen to large global brands it can happen to any size business. Learn more about the Inbound Marketing Workshop and how it can help you get the leads and customers you need to achieve your revenue goals.

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The Inbound Marketing Company is an Australian Inbound Marketing Agency for small and mid size businesses. Helping business owners, marketers and sales managers, get better results from their website.

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The Inbound Marketing Company's mission is to help small business grow, with better marketing practices that increase leads and customers, and decrease costs.
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