Saturday, July 28th, 2012

With Spring Racing Carnival just around the bend I felt the urge to gamble. I lay a bet with odds in favour of my wardrobe not being suitably fashionable for the flurry of events that lay ahead. I won – or lost – depending on which way you look at it.

To be on form in the fashion stakes I needed help, preferably from a personal stylist who was available at 9:30pm, after I’d bathed the children, done the dishes and answered 25 emails. Wednesday of this week would be ideal. Is that too much to ask?

I am no different from other women. I juggle work time with family time, friend time with home time, and the morsel of minutes that remain are dedicated to personal time. I’m sure many can relate.

More often than not personal time involves bonding with my iPad late at night, trawling the internet for anything and everything. So on this particular Wednesday evening, I searched Image Consulting in the hope that I might find visuals to inspire my 2012 Spring Racing Carnival fashion sense.

Up popped Du Jour Image Consulting.

“Du jour; (french) of the day, now, contemporary, fashionable”, the website quoted. “Just what I needed”, I said to myself, “Up-to-the-minute, tailored fashion advice.” Pardon the pun.

Once I’d overcome disbelief that fashion style could be suitably assessed (let alone corrected) via the internet, I promptly completed the Online Style Consultation, attached three photographs of outfits I contemplated wearing to Melbourne Cup Carnival and within 24 hours my Du Jour Image Consultant had righted my fashion wrongs.

“This is pretty cool”, I thought as I read the results. Every detail of my outfit was incorporated in the assessment; the dress, shoes, bag, belt, hat and jewellery.

What I had in fact received, was a sure bet.

Mind you, the whole process did not come without a little pain. I had to put my ego aside for five minutes while I grimaced and admitted to my fashion faux pas. To think that I’ve been dressing like that for the past three years! Perhaps that’s half the problem...

Bless you Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the internet. It really does come in handy at times like these.

And bless you Du Jour Image Consulting for being there for me at 9:30pm on a Wednesday evening.

I’m now off to purchase said recommendations so I can be a front runner in this year’s fashion stakes.

Du Jour Image Consulting provide personalised online style consultations for men and women.  For your personal online style consultation or further information visit



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Du Jour Image Consulting

Belinda Hauser, the Director of Du Jour Image Consulting has always possessed a strong love for fashion and personal style.  Learning from a very early age that appearances are important as they are the window through which the world views you.

Belinda is a certified Image Consultant through The Australian Image Company  and a member of  the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

Belinda offers the following services and is able to customise a workshop or consultation to your individual or company needs.  Please contact Belinda to discuss your specific requirements.

  •     Personal Style Consultations
  •     Personal Colour Consultations
  •     Wardrobe Cleansing
  •     Personal Shopping Expeditions

Her depth of experience in the art, fitness and corporate worlds has enabled her to comprehensively understand society's emphasis placed on personal image and it's importance.

Starting her own business as an Image Consultant has been the ideal platform for combining these skills and bringing them to life for Du Jour clients.

Belinda believes that everyone can learn to look their best which will pay them endless dividends in various forms such as love, employment and social opportunities as well as boost their self-esteem on a daily basis.
Belinda Hauser
P: 0418 217 120


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