Friday, July 27th, 2012

Raw Thirst is the brand new South Australian family owned mobile smoothie, juice, organic coffee and tea van that has got Adelaide talking. With a commitment to improving the health of the community, the genuinely healthy smoothies, and juices are taking Adelaide by storm.

Raw Thirst is a brand new take on the ‘pop-up’ food and beverage vans around Adelaide, offering a fresh new spin on health and nutrition. Rotating city locations throughout the week allows the van to ‘pop up’ in a different location every day, giving more people the opportunity to try the latest craze.

The mobile business is the brainchild of local couple Dr. Andrew Timbs and Sonia Alexander who have been working tirelessly to turn their dream into reality for the last few years. Andrew is a Chiropractor and owns ‘Wellness Chiropractic’ on Unley Road. He is committed to health and wellness and strives to educate his patients and the general community about getting healthy and staying healthy.

Raw offers another outlet for the couple to educate and share the importance of a healthy lifestyle with the Adelaide community. All of Raw Thirst’s signature smoothies have been specifically formulated by Dr. Andrew, a wellness expert, to cater for different nutritional benefits.

“Too many juice and smoothie places claim to be healthy and low in fats and sugars, yet they still use concentrates, frozen yoghurts, sorbets and all sorts of other fillers. Our beverages are all squeezed fresh, only from raw fruits and vegetables and don’t contain any hidden nasties,” owner Sonia said. “Come and see for yourself.”

Raw Thirst strives to offer generously priced beverages, being mindful of the current economic climate, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to choose the healthy alternative.

Keep your eyes open around Adelaide for Raw Thirst’s next appearance, ‘Like’ them on Facebook and follow @rawthirst on twitter for current locations and special deals throughout the week. Don’t forget to have your loyalty card stamped – your tenth beverage is free!

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Raw Thirst

Raw Thirst originated from a passion to increase the health and vitality of our society after observing the absence of genuinely nutritious and healthy options available in our community.

It is our mission to achieve this by providing a pure and healthy product full of natural goodness and flavour. Raw smoothies have been specifically formulated by our wellness expert to optimize nutritional content and the preparation ensures maximum flavour without the need for fillers such as ice, frozen yogurt or sorbet. Raw juices are squeezed fresh daily on consumption to ensure the retention of vitamins and minerals. We guarantee that our juices and smoothies are free from additives, preservatives, artificial colours and flavourings, added sugar and are NOT from concentrate. Just 100% pure and natural fruit and vegetables, just as nature intended!

In addition to our amazing juices and smoothies we also offer a range of award winning organic coffee and tea, including caffeine-free and dairy-free options.

Dr. Andrew Timbs
P: 0432 860 811


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