Thursday, July 26th, 2012
Most friends just talk about the country’s problems over the dinner table, but in the case of Michelle Bridges, Bill Moore, Amelia Burton and Tim Phillips, their dinner table discussion has led to action and the birth of the 12 Week Body Transformation, an online weight-loss sensation that in just over two short years, has helped transform thousands of lives and trim over 250,000kg off the waistlines of people across Australia and as far afield as an Antarctic base station.

“Following on from my success on The Biggest Loser, I was inundated with personal training requests, but there just wasn’t enough hours in the day,” says Michelle. “The four of us have been great mates for many years and have spent countless hours and many late nights debating the health of the country and the best way to fix our rapidly expanding waistlines.

“Tim and Amelia both come from an online space – Tim from a technical perspective and Amelia as a popular health and fitness blogger. After much discussion we realised that with our combined experience the best way to reach, help and train as many people as possible was via the Internet, and the 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) was born.

This dynamic group certainly didn’t muck about and from debating the idea of an online weight-loss program on Sunday evening, they had a film crew arranged for Monday morning to film a splash page and a very basic version of the 12WBT website was up and running just two days later.

“We had this fantastic idea and we knew that we could reach so many people by creating an accessible and affordable online program,” explains Tim. “Turning this great idea into a reality in the space of just a few short months however, was a real challenge. We madly set up the website, created online systems, figured out how to do customer service, produced the exercise and meal plans and filmed all the content, at the same time as holding down our full time day jobs. Needless to say it was exhausting, but the amazing results people have achieved make all the sleepless nights worthwhile.”

One of the keys to the success of the 12WBT is the fact that the initial product vision cooked up over the dinner table has barely changed. The 12WBT was born from a genuine place of wanting to help as many people as possible. This plucky four say that they haven’t deviated from that mission because; just like anti smoking campaigners were able to halve the amount of smokers in Australia, they believe they can help to halve our obesity levels.

“Whilst our product vision has not changed, the business supporting it certainly has,” says Bill. We have gone from running this business evenings, weekends and whatever spare moments we could squeeze into our already busy schedules, to employing a team of 17 passionate staff. We have stayed true to our model of a virtual business, with all staff working remotely and from many different corners of the country and the globe. I love the fact that we have been able to source the best team members without geography being a limitation.”

This passionate group has always said that the 12WBT is much more than just numbers on scales, but rather an empowerment program designed to give members the tools to take back full control of not only their eating and exercise, but their confidence and self esteem.

Amelia says: “The results we have seen members achieve has validated that our unique offering really does work. The beauty of this program is the genuine support that members give each other, because ultimately they are the ones doing the work – waking up early, changing deeply ingrained habits and going through the tough times.

“Although the 12WBT is an online program, the connections that members build are amazing,” continued Amelia. “The best example of this is when one member from Perth could not afford to fly to Sydney for the finale event. A bunch of the Perth crew (many who had never met her face to face) rallied together to not only pay for her flight, accommodation and party ticket, but even put an extra $500 into her account so she could buy a dress.”

The exciting part about the 12WBT is the fact things are only just getting started. Although there has been phenomenal growth in the last two years the plans for the business are enormous. International expansion is on the cards, but right now the focus is innovation, streamlining of systems and the launching of new products designed to get even better results and ensure that all members stay on track.

“We have created an online weight loss revolution and are changing people’s lives,” explains Amelia. “The 12WBT is about getting back to basics and giving people the tools to lead healthier and happier lives. There is no magic wand and this requires a lot of hard work and commitment, but it is also fun. Members have Michelle Bridges in their ears and on their screens, which can be a good or a bad thing!”


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Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

After being inundated with personal training requests following her success on The Biggest Loser, Michelle Bridges created the 12WBT (

The 12WBT uses a unique combination of online coaching, nutrition, mindset and exercise plans to help members take back control of their weight and their lives. As testament to this, in just two years of operation, 12WBT members have lost over 250,000 kilograms combined.
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