Tuesday, July 24th, 2012
Sportzer.com, an exciting new website launched this month.

Sportzer promises to make it easier than ever for people not only in Australia but worldwide to get involved in all manner of sporting activities.

The innovative “World’s first” website matches members for sports they are interested in with other members by utilising advanced matching algorithms and psychographic matching - comparing skill level, distance they’re willing to travel, age and sex – and more.

Sportzer members send and receive ‘invites’ to member ‘events’, entering the location (utilsing Google’s powerful mapping service), skill level of the event, gender(s), age range, min and max number of participants, and so on. The powerful application has a broad range of uses - from a tennis game with 1 other person – through to a soccer tournament for 100 soccer players!

“It’s so easy, you can be sitting at your desk at lunch, post an invite for a game of tennis for after work and have 20 responses in minutes from people that you've never played before” says Richard Hughes CEO of Sportzer, “Sportzer is perfect for organising these types of activities, and also facilitates opportunities for business, trainers and coaches. Through Sportzer, the industry can arrange events like a product launch, large group bike races or a boot camp style workout”.

Additionally, trainers, coaches, sporting clubs and businesses can offer their services through Sportzer.

“We would all love a personal trainer to get us off the couch in winter, but in these financially challenging times, how many of us can afford it” says Richard Hughes, CEO of Sportzer “Sportzer allows members to get connected and share the costs of a Personal Trainer or coach – with dramatic costs savings”.

The brainchild of Sydney entrepreneurs Richard Hughes and Warren Viti (fomer CIO of beyondblue: the national depression initiative) Sportzer has been just over 12 months in the making. Developed in Sydney’s hottest IT precinct “Silicon Hills” - it’s being launched in time to coincide with the Olympic Games.

“Societal change has been quite profound over the last 30 years, and it’s no secret that technology, with all the tremendous benefits that it brings, also introduces perhaps unwanted side effects” Warren asserts “We are leading more sedentary and socially isolated lifestyles, which costs Australia hundreds of billions of dollars a year”.

Recent research released finds lounge room activity-promoting gaming console systems that promote movement are actually ineffective in tackling obesity. The way in which they harness technology to promote activity does not target one important element – the social, emotional and physical development of a person. Everyone needs to interact with others and their community. Sportzer, however, harnesses technology and social networking, but encourages a ‘back to basics’ grassroots approach.

The future looks bright for the health and happiness of the Australian public with Sportzer. With their brand value “all sports to all people”, everyone can get involved.

Please visit us at www.sportzer.com
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Sportzer.com is Australia's premium sports matching website. Launched to coincide with the London Olympics games of 2012 Sportzer looks forward to increasing its public presence at upcoming national events and will continue to help promote an active lifestyle and encourage young people in Australia and globally to get up, get out and give it a go.

Sportzer Pty Ltd is a new Australian Company, with its office in Sydney, Australia.

About the technology
Sportzer is a web based information system which uses geo-spatial, characteristic matching based on sport skill levels, age, gender, and psychographic behavioural characteristics. Sportzer is also an event attendance management system. The underlying technology is Microsoft .NET and Microsoft SQL Database Servers, running on a Windows environment, using cloud computing.
Richard Hughes
P: 61411527838
W: www.sportzer.com/


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