Friday, July 20th, 2012
Running five businesses from home was not part of the plan when Adelaide entrepreneur Sue McKay started her initial business venture 'Kick It To Me' in 2005.

One venture led to another, all with synergies in customer service under the Kick It To Me banner, and by 2009 there were four Kick It To Me businesses in operation. With yet another formed in 2011, it soon became apparent work could no longer be confined to the home office.

It was when the front door of her Glenelg seaside bungalow began revolving with staff and contractors, and the dining room was housing linen for Kick It To Me Accommodation, that Sue realised the time had come for the business to leave home.

"My husband Dave and I knew the day was bound to come when the business outgrew the home, but we didn't expect it to happen quite so soon," Sue said.

"I guess running five businesses at once begs for space!

"We literally woke up one day and wondered where our home had gone, so I started searching commercial rental properties close to home.

"The commercial rental market, particularly in our seaside suburb, was experiencing difficult times. Tenants simply couldn't afford the extraordinary rentals landlords were asking.

"The general consensus from concerned family and friends was that we should sit still and keep the business under the family roof until the property market settled, but I knew that wasn't an option for us," Sue said.

Sue persisted, even door-knocking buildings which suited her business requirements and was able to find affordable and convenient office space with excellent car parking.

"I like to prove that anything is possible," Sue said.

"Just tell me it's not doable and that's all the more incentive for me to try".

Kick It To Me Enterprises is a husband and wife team offering home and business services including handyman and property maintenance, temporary office staff, bookkeeping, marketing, writing, property management, holiday and executive rentals, event organisation, personal concierge and shopping services to name a few.

Their tagline is "What can we do for you?".

"Anything is possible," Sue said, "just kick it to us".

Kick It To Me Enterprises is situated at 6/81 Brighton Road, corner of Pier Street, Glenelg and has an easy to recall 1300 number of 1300 00 KICK.

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Kick It To Me

We are Dave and Sue McKay, a husband and wife team who believe that life was meant to be easy.... and we can make life easier for you.

Through our specialised divisions one of our staff is bound to have the skills you're looking for, to do the job or provide the service you need.

We play an active part in the business, overseeing quality assurance and ensuring nothing is overlooked.

The philosophy behind Kick It To Me is simple. What is it you need done? What can we do for you?
Sue McKay
P: 0438204074


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