Friday, November 13th, 2009

The latest quarterly Wholesale Investor National Survey was conducted by Wholesale Investor magazine. The survey was conducted on the registered database of 5,037 high net worth, wholesale, professional and international investors. Full survey is attached to this release.


Pre-IPO and IPO’s surge back

  • Pre-IPO is back in favour with 53.2% of investors listing pre-IPO as one of their top 3 investment choices along with private companies and ASX listed companies
  • In August 09, when we conducted our last survey, interest in pre-IPO was so low, we didn’t even include it in our survey. In just 3 months, led by the Myer, and Katmandu, interested in private companies moving onto the ASX has surged back into favour.

Extremely positive investor sentiment at the moment.....

  • With 61.1% saying that now is very good, or the best time ever to invest. This compares with just 3.9% saying that now is not a good time to invest
  • This means that 96.1% are seeking to invest right now
  • Significant cash available for private and public companies
  • 32.5% have 50% or more of their investment funds still in cash. This compares with 39.9% in the August survey, meaning that investors have been deploying capital over the last 3 months as the market strengthens.
  • 40.3% of investors surveyed have an investment portfolio of $1m or more
  • 11.7% have $10m or more.

Cleantech most preferred sector. Traditional sectors still out of favour

  • Cleantech/Greentech leads the way for the second quarter in a row
  • Property has moved from 6th position in April 09, up to 2nd place
  • Financial / professional services has moved from 9th position in April 09, up to 4th position
  • Traditional sectors including Media, Leisure, Retail, Manufacturing and Telecommunications, Transport and Auto remain out of favour at this point in time

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The latest Quarterly Wholesale Investor National Survey reveals strong investor sentiment and a surge in interest for Pre-IPO, IPO's and Property.


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