Thursday, July 19th, 2012

David Trout’s new exhibition: ‘What We Do Not Know…’ poses questions about the world in which we live. Everyday we are bombarded through television and the media about the state of the world and the effects of Global warming, Terrorism and Cancer. David Trout makes reference to what the London based writer and cultural critic, Ziaddin Sardar refers to as a “post normal” world.

When the writer, Henry Miller wrote Tropic of Cancer, the theme or metaphor of Cancer represented a civilization in a state of disease. David Trout extends this concept to reflect a world in confusion and flux, overwhelmed by “cells out of control” having shared the emotional roller coaster of dealing with Cancer.
The exhibition explores a wide and innovative use of mediums including a fusion of digital painting with oil painting techniques, as well as installation using video and projections on paintings.

There is a flow of figurative references working alongside a strong abstract aesthetic that takes the work beyond the metaphoric. Ultimately the work suggests a role for the artist in seeking direction through awareness, feeling, confrontation and understanding that creative solutions are found by distancing oneself from reality.

What We Do Not Know… can be seen at the Walker Street Gallery, Cnr. of Walker Street and Robinson Street, Dandenong. The exhibition opens on the 2nd August and closes on the 25th August. The opening is on the 9th August at 6.30pm.

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David Trout

David Trout is a visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. He works with various mediums including video, painting and digital art. David Trout is originally from South Africa.  He exhibits both in Australia and overseas. His next exhibition will be in Berlin, Germany in February, 2013.
David Trout
P: (03) 97001001
M: 0425725664


Art, Painting, Video,New media, Cancer, Global warming



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