Thursday, November 12th, 2009
Orangutan experts tour Australia to discuss worldwide protection agreements and wildlife impact

United Nationals climate change negotiations in Barcelona this week hang in the balance regarding reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation in developing countries (REDD), as delegates from 190 countries decide on the fate of the forest component of the proposed Copenhagen climate treaty.

After recent talks in Bangkok three weeks ago, an outcry from global environmental and forest protection organisations has highlighted a critical missing provision for safeguards against the conversion of natural forests to forest plantations, omitted from negotiating text in one of the final sessions. Vital concerns regarding the protection of forest must now be addressed in Copenhagen, including legal frameworks to enforce compliance.

Impending forestry protection agreements will have dramatic impacts on remaining wildflife and The Australian Orangutan Project (AOP) are excited to welcome Dr Ian Singleton, Director of Conservation for the PanEco Foundation and head of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) to Australia to talk about the current situation of wild orangutan conservation, rehabilitation and the work of SOCP in ensuring the survival of this critically endangered species in Indonesia.

Dr Singleton will share his knowledge on rainforest conservation and on the rehabilitation and reintroduction process of orangutans into the wild at a series of events held Australia wide by the Australian Orangutan Project. AOP helps support the protection of wild orangutan populations and Ian’s work to get these rescued baby orangutans back into the forest and help the growth of this species population.

Kylie Bullo, AOP Vice President , Project Coordinator & Senior Orangutan Keeper at Perth Zoo, has worked with Sumatran orangutans for ten years and will also present at each event. Kylie oversees the behavioural, diet, enrichment, health and breeding management of the colony. Three infants have been born at Perth Zoo since Kylie has worked there and Perth Zoo houses one of the best orangutan breeding colonies in the world.

Kylie was the keeper in charge of the release of the first-ever Zoo-bred orangutan back into the rainforest of Sumatra in 2006 and regularly visits the site to check on 'Temara'.

NSW - Stories from the Forest 14th Nov - Enjoy a lovely dinner and hear some fabulous stories from the forest. Special guests on the night are Kylie Bullo, AOP Vice President and Senior Orangutan Keeper from Perth Zoo, and Dr Ian Singleton of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program (SOCP), both giving a rare insight into world of orangutans and the story of Australian orangutan, Temara - the world's first captive born orangutan released back into the wild!

SA - Annual Fundraising Dinner 18th Nov - Enjoy tasty Indonesian food at Pondok Bali restaurant and share in our achievements so far as well as help raise much needed funds to assist in the ongoing work of AOP. Special guests on the night are Kylie Bullo, AOP Vice President and Senior Orangutan Keeper from Perth Zoo, and Dr Ian Singleton of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program (SOCP).

VIC - Bid for the Orangutans 13th Nov - Enjoy an intimate cocktail function at Hotel Nest whilst bidding on some fabulous prizes through the auction. A BORNEO TOUR TO SEE THE ORANGUTANS IN THE WILD IS UP FOR GRABS. Special guests on the night are Kylie Bullo, AOP Vice President and Senior Orangutan Keeper from Perth Zoo, and Dr Ian Singleton of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program (SOCP).

Other Australian Orangutan Project fundraising events happening around Australia include:

NSW - Help the Orphans of Borneo 15th Nov - Picton RSL Park - 11am-3pm. Gold coin donation and Devonshire Tea, Face Painting, Jumping Castle, Salsa Dancing - Fun for all the family.

QLD - Orangutans at the BAR 17th Nov - an intimate dinner at Barchino's at Nobby's beach with a 3 course meal includes a drink on arrival.

QLD - Sit Down Comedy Night 19th Nov - PADDO TAVERN at Paddington with comedians Jimmy Poulos (Headliner), and Matt Marr and Damien Power supporting.

WA - An Orangutan Christmas Karaoke Celebration 20th Nov - A fun night for all at Manilla House, Cannington includes tasty food and drinks.

Experts estimate there are only 6300 wild Sumatran orangutans left in Sumatra and it is predicted they will be the first great ape species to become extinct in as little as ten years.

Orangutans are highly endangered by the activities of man: the population of Indonesia is growing steadily, along with use of the tropical rainforest. Tropical wood and palm oil are in great demand on the world market and young orangutans remain, as before, a popular pet. By far the greatest threat is posed by massive destruction of habitat. Large timber and palm oil companies cut down valuable trees and burn the forest surface to make way for palm oil plantations. Each year, one million hectares of forest falls victim to this exploitation. Scientists fear that there will be no viable population of wild orangutans left in only ten years time, as a result of rainforest destruction.

AOP supports the protection of vital orangutan habitat and both the Quarantine Centre for orangutans in North Sumatra and the reintroduction site at Bukit Tigapuluh National Park in Jambi.

For further event information please visit the Australian Orangutan Project’s website

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Orangutan experts tour Australian to discuss worldwide protection agreements and wildlife impact.


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