Tuesday, July 17th, 2012
Horse SA is calling for a review of laws which make it easy for some horse owners to abandon horses at boarding centres without paying fees.

Horse boarding centre managers can be left with horses that continue to be fed and cared for, although fees may be outstanding for several months or even years.

Owners cannot be easily contacted or disappear altogether leaving a rapidly escalating bill.

“This non-payment of agistment fees was an issue raised at a recent forum on horses and the law. ” said Julie Fiedler, Executive Officer of Horse SA “It’s a silent issue, as abandoned horses tend to stay in paddocks whereas dogs & cats will stray”

Property owners are left with few options, as court action is expensive in relation to the value of the horse. The value of the horse is also frequently far less than what outstanding money is owed.

Horse SA has written to Minister Gail Gago asking for an investigation into the matter.

“It also needs to be made easier to legally find another home for the horse whilst fees are being recovered” said Ms Fiedler.

Horse SA, a not for profit organisation advocating for horses & owners, invites concerned people to also write to the Minister, asking for the red tape to be cut that makes it easy to abandon horses in this state.

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Horse SA

Horse SA is a voice for horse owners and organisations.

Horse SA has, as a key goal, to make sure horses are a valued part of our Australian culture, community and business life. The organisation works at all levels of government, business and non-profit organisations through to grass roots horse owners to achieve that goal.
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