Monday, July 16th, 2012
Sydney, Australia July 16, 2012 - Elemental Energy Technologies (EET) has been selected as one of the top 30 Cleantech companies in the Australian Clean Technologies Competition 2012. The competition is part of the international Cleantech Open competition

Australian CleanTech Managing Director John O’Brien said the top 30 had been selected from a record field of 104 entrants that represents the best in Australian clean technology innovation and opportunity.

"As a company whose core business is devising innovative renewable marine energy technology, EET have focused on the principle that the keys to successful commercialisation lie in the timely delivery of a superior product that outperforms all current alternatives at the lowest capital, installation, operating and maintenance costs,” said EET chairman, Kim Lyle.

"The SeaUrchin marine power generator is the result of development by a diverse Australian-lead international engineering team. It was designed to become a commercially viable alternative to existing coal and nuclear powered utilities. The SeaUrchin is ecologically sound,” he said.
The Australian Clean Technologies Competition, part of the Cleantech Open based in the USA, was launched by the Parliamentary Secretary for Industry and Innovation Mark Dreyfus in May.

Dr Marc Newson, Cleantech Supplier Advocate said, “Going by the calibre of entrants for this year’s competition, Australian cleantech is extremely well placed to prosper at home and in the global market. Some of the technologies on display are world-class.”
A judging panel comprised of experts in innovation and commercialization included:

• Geoff Hoffman, Clayton Utz
• Marc Newson, Cleantech Supplier Advocate
• David Clark, Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick
• Paul van Bergen, KPMG
• Ken MacLeod, Scoria Macleod
• Ben Wright, ATP Innovations
• Andrew Pickering, Cleantech Ventures

The 30 semi-finalists were chosen from a national field of entrants across the spectrum of clean technology activity, which includes transportation, smart power, green grid, energy storage, green building, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and air water and waste management.

The semi-finalists will join the Cleantech Business Accelerator Program, which includes individual mentoring to help with the development of their business plan; an intensive mentoring workshop; and the submission of a final business plan.
Up to six companies will then be selected as Finalists and will receive additional advice and introductions.

The Australian winner will be announced at an Investment Showcase and Gala Dinner in October 2012.
The winner will be funded to represent Australia at the international Global Cleantech Open Competition in the US in November 2012. All of the finalists will be invited to join the Australian delegation attending this event.


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Elemental Energy technologies Limited

About Elemental Energy Technologies
Elemental Energy Technologies holds a portfolio of patent applications, research and proprietary know-how for an elegantly simple and efficient, environmentally-friendly, marine Vortex Reaction Turbine Generator. It has been developed to harness the virtually inexhaustible kinetic energy of free-flowing ocean streams, tides and flowing rivers.

Branded the “SeaUrchin”, the technology is designed to exploit the underlying principle and raw power of an ocean whirlpool. It harnesses up to four times more power and is up to 70 percent more efficient than many of the conventional “propeller” driven, marine generators commonly in use and under trial today.

The SeaUrchin can be mass produced from proven, inexpensive materials and components used by boat builders and marine electrical equipment manufacturers. Importantly, it has only one moving part and is expected to be around half the cost of competing marine generators to manufacture, install and maintain. The SeaUrchin concept has been researched and proven over the last seven years.
Kim Lyle
P: 0411 116 669

Michael Parkinson

P: 0419 264 465


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