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13 July 2012, Perth WA - The past four years have been a challenge for most organisations. According to research conducted by Xsell, sales people have experienced better days. Sales executives are faced with constant challenges taking them far from living a stress-free life. Xsell recommends following three simple techniques as a way to help sales people deal with stress and fatigue resulting in greater sales numbers.

Many issues sales people face today include managing cash flow, personnel decisions, increased costs, decreased margins, relationship demands, time & finance constraints, and personal health issues just to name a few. As a result our ability to switch-off, concentrate, prioritize, manage our workload, get a good night’s sleep, or respond effectively to stress often becomes impaired. For many of us, the line between work and home is often blurred. The question is, how can we close the door at the office and leave our work challenges at work and home challenges at home?

This is not an easy task for individuals and has impacts on the economy. There are well-being and financial costs that both organisations and the nation must pay. A recent study indicated that in Australia 75% of lost time at work is due to stress. This is costing the nation $14.81 billion a year. Although, these figures are quite alarming, a recent survey informed that 40% of employees have admitted to showing sings of fatigue at work. These figures are concerning, stress and fatigue impair our physical and mental performance.

We can often identify stress and fatigue in our lives. Imagine you are trying to juggle a heavy work load, meeting with several prospective clients, have not reached your KPI’s, have upcoming deadlines and are attempting to manage a personal issue. Would you be stressed?

Lets consider, how do you know if stress and fatigue are impacting your life?

· Have you noticed an inability to prioritize activities?

· Even though you work long hours you are still unable to produce results.

· You find yourself easily distracted or you make more mistakes than ever before.

All of these factors will make you feel tired, fatigued and stressed. We know that if we are stressed and fatigued we are less likely to perform effectively. Being aware of yourself and others is key to resolving stress and fatigue in your life.

In an effort to resolve these problems, we recommend to our clients that they gain an understanding of three basic principles.

Situational Awareness: the skill of focusing your attention on external factors.

Cause and Effect: acknowledge how we tend to respond to a situation. Are you taking responsibility or blaming others.

Reframing: to consider another way to think that may be more helpful to get you to your goal. For example you might say to yourself, “once I complete this task I will go home and leave work challenges at work.” By reframing the way we think, it will empower you with healthy strategies resulting in a decrease in stress and fatigue.

As behavioural tools, following these three simple techniques will help you better manage your stress and fatigue on the job. More importantly, these easy tips will help you achieve the ultimate goal of closing more sales!

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Anna Zammit is one of Australia's leading Business Development Strategists. A Sales Trainer and Master Coach with over twenty-five years sales experience in direct marketing and sales, retail and corporate sales, Anna is no ordinary business women. Anna has been recognised both in Australia and internationally for her business development achievements.

Anna is the Founder and Managing Director of Xsell; the foremost provider of organisational and personnel training solutions in Western Australia. Some of Xsell's core areas of proficiency include business training and coaching, recruitment to local, national and international organisations, leadership development and business development strategy. Xsell also consults to businesses regarding sales strategies and strategic support.

Anna's has worked with an impressive list of clients, some of which include:

Deutsche Bank Private Banking
Water Corporation
Patersons Securities
Ernst & Young
Godfrey Pembroke
Alinta Gas
ABN Ambro
ITT Flygt
Bob Cherney
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