Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
The Bone Health Foundation put their craniums (heads) together and used their mandibles (jaws) to ask Adelaide born comedian and media personality, Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann to show his support of the Foundation and take on the role as their newest ambassador.

Lehmo nodded his cranium and accepted the role without hesitation knowing that all bones respond to a good tickling, and he’s just the man for it.

Puns aside, Lehmo was introduced to the then Bone Growth Foundation through the Celebrity Tennis Challenge, at which he met the Founder and Chair of the Foundation, Dr Bruce Foster AM. It was here that Lehmo first heard about the work of the Foundation in raising funds to support Australian scientists and researchers to discover better treatments, preventions and cures for musculoskeletal disorders that affect over 6 million Australians through genetic disorders, accidents, chemotherapy, nutrition and even age.

Young children, who break a major bone during a period of growth, can end up with uneven limbs. Limb-lengthening procedures for such children were amongst the first treatments that Lehmo learnt about through Dr Foster. The respect for the Foundation’s work quickly developed and Lehmo was thrilled to accept the role of the Foundation’s newest Ambassador.

“Sure, I’m living in Melbourne now but I’m so proud that the work of the Foundation started in Adelaide and is helping to fund scientists around Australia. At my age, I need to start doing more about maintaining my bone density so that my bones remain strong enough to keep me standing-up. It’s not just my life that depends on it but my career, or the other way around!”

Lehmo will join Patron John Fitzgerald and Ambassador Alicia Molik to support the Bone Health Foundation raise awareness and funds to continue vital work and public education that will help ensure healthy bones for every body.

More than 1 in 3 Australians suffer from musculoskeletal ailments that affect the way that you move and the way that you live, at a cost of more than $4.6 billion public health dollars per annum in Australia alone.



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The Bone Health Foundation, formerly known as the Bone Growth Foundation, was founded by Dr Bruce Foster in 1991 as a self-funded not-for-profit organisation. It was originally established to provide infrastructure and support for new research into bone growth – to find better, less painful, treatments for the children affected by crippling growth problems. The Bone Health Foundation has evolved with the vision to expand its research criteria to consider any study that improves the health of the musculoskeletal system and its effect on the individual’s wellbeing.

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