Tuesday, July 10th, 2012
With the Healthy Buildings 2012 conference on this week in Brisbane, one Queensland-based company is urging householders and business owners to have their air conditioners checked for possible contaminants that may be causing illness or allergies.

Spanning five days this week, the conference covers a variety of issues regarding the quality of air inside buildings and how it can be improved to mitigate health problems.

Sharon Jurd, director of air conditioner cleaning company HydroKleen Australia, says that the conference should serve as a reminder of the importance of keeping units clean.

“While air conditioners are a fantastic convenience—particularly when the temperature is as variable as it is right now—they can harbour dangerous particles and bacteria that can cause a variety of problems,” she says.

“The worst thing is most people don’t realise how dirty the insides of their air conditioners are, particularly if they’re a bit older or get plenty of use.

“The Healthy Buildings 2012 conference is a great opportunity to reflect on how we can improve the quality of the air we breathe inside buildings, but a simple starting point to ensure the ongoing health of occupants and employees is to have air conditioners cleaned regularly.”

HydroKleen was established in 2009, and offer Australia’s most comprehensive air conditioner cleaning service.

Unlike other techniques that only partially clean domestic air conditioners, the HydroKleen method uses a number of patented technologies and processes to completely flush out potentially dangerous bacteria and other contaminants.

For more information visit http://www.hydrokleen.com.au/

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