Friday, July 6th, 2012
Microsoft has recently announced their foray into the tablet device market with their new Surface tablet. The tablet, which will be available in two different versions, one running on Windows RT and the other running on a cut-down version of Windows 8, will be launched later this year. Where is Microsoft trying to position themselves in the tablet market and which of the two versions would be more suitable for enterprise use?

“Through this new tablet, Microsoft is attempting to target two markets simultaneously,” commented Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

“Through the RT version of the tablet, Microsoft is targeting the consumer tablet market, currently dominated by Apple’s iPad tablets. However, through the Windows 8 Professional version, which runs a version of Windows 8 developed specifically for mobile devices, Microsoft is attempting to create a new tablet audience, the professional tablet user,” predicted Kareem.

“When comparing these two versions with Apple, Windows 8 RT is Microsoft’s version of iOS and Windows 8 Professional (tablet and desktop) is Microsoft’s version of the Mac OS X,” explains Kareem.

“The Windows 8 Professional version of the Surface tablet will offer an alternative to the traditional laptop. Although slightly thicker and heavier, this version of the Surface tablet is the most suitable for enterprise use as IT departments are already familiar with the Windows platform, support for older software will be provided as well as integration with the widely used Microsoft Office suite of products. The touch-type keyboard cover that Microsoft is offering with the Surface tablet will also allow corporate users to easily interact with applications running on the tablet.

“I believe that the introduction of the two versions of the Surface tablet will enable Microsoft to be a serious contender in the tablet computing market, particularly in the enterprise,” concluded Kareem.

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