Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
3 July 2012, Australia - Over the past two decades, China has put itself firmly on the map as a major investment, manufacturing and consumer market. China’s fast economic growth looks set to continue. Fuelled by accession to the World Trade Organisation, China promises a vibrant market and presents many opportunities for foreign companies to achieve their international expansion.

Setting up a business in China can be daunting given the differences in culture and regulatory environment. How are Australian companies successful when entering the Chinese market? To assist organisations in Doing Business With China, Australia Business Forum has developed a major Sino-Australia business event to share knowledge and experience in this growing area.

After successfully held in Melbourne on 30th – 31st May, Australia-China BusinessWeek (ACBW) 2012 will be first time presented in Sydney on 29th August 2012 at Shangri-La Hotel Sydney. ACBW 2012 now in the fourth year, the Melbourne event attracted over 600 delegates and visitors together with sponsors and partners.

ACBW 2012 Sydney includes a Breakfast, Forum, China Day Forum (presented in Mandarin), Mix at Six Networking Function and Keynote Luncheon. ACBW 2012 Sydney event will cover key strategies to help build business in China.

ACBW 2012 is an official event of “40th Anniversary of Diplomatic relations between Australia & China.” This year’s events provide attendees’ access to industry leaders and Chinese experts with case studies and insight into the Chinese market and undertaking successful business in China.

ACBW 2012 Breakfast, 29th August 2012
ACBW 2012 presents the inaugural ACBW Breakfast, designed to provide a networking opportunity with a unique focus on small and medium businesses with an interest in China. This is an opportunity to engage with fellow ACBW Del¬egates over breakfast on issues pertinent to your business interests with China. Keynote speakers include representatives from both the Australian and PRC Government.

ACBW 2012 Forum, 29th August 2012
The key factors for Australian businesses engaging in China is success at capitalising on massive change, diversity and scale with agility and fast learning. Whatever the particular business strategy, it must be able to deal well with cultural differences and an ambiguous, complex and volatile envi¬ronment.

ACBW 2012 Forum provides the actual experiences of Australian enterprises currently engaging with China on three key elements: Managing your money in China, Managing your brand in China and managing your people in China. Some of the keynote speakers include:

The Hon Warwick Smith AM, Chairman of Australia-China Council Board; Chairman of ANZ Bank

David Thomas, CEO, Think Global Consulting; Chair, ACBW 2012 Forum

Lisa Goodhand, Director China Operations, China Blueprint Consultants

David Chu, Managing Partner, ShineWing Hall Chadwick

Ken Tay, Head of China Desk, HSBC

Christian Edwards, Senior Correspondent, Xinhua News Agency, China News Channel

Session 1: Managing your brand
Session 2:Managing your people
Session 3: Managing your money

ACBW 2012 China Day, 29th August 2012
Australia has been the biggest single destination for Chinese outward foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide over the past 6 years with investments totalling more than US$38.4 billion. Success in Australia depends not only on taking advantage of the best opportunities, but also on successfully understanding and negotiating Australia’s legal, regulatory and business environments.

The objective of ACBW 2012 Chinese Forum is to present a holistic overview of Australia as a trade, investment and migration destination. ACBW 2012 China Day will present in Mandarin for the overseas and local Chinese delegates learn how to do business in Australia and where the opportunities are. Experts in each of these fields will present practical and up to date information on these subjects.

Session 1: Invest in Australia
Session 2: Business in Australia
Session 3: Migrate to Australia

ACBW 2012 Luncheon, 29th August 2012
ACBW 2012 Luncheon is celebrating 40 years of diplomatic relations between Australia & China. The 40th Anniversary is a chance to reflect on the evolution of the relationship over the past 40 years. ACBW 2012 Luncheon is also an opportunity to build and strengthen that relationship.

ACBW 2012 Mix at Six Networking Function, 29th August 2012
When it comes to doing business in China, you would have surely heard of how important networking is. ACBW 2012 Networking Function provides exclusive opportunities to forge strong personal relationships with senior business people, government decision-makers and senior practitioners across many different fields in both Australia and China.

As Australia’s largest trading partner, China offers a growing range of business opportunities for Australian companies. To open the doors for Australian companies wishing to access these opportunities, ACBW 2012 is going to Shanghai in the end of October.

ACBW 2012 Shanghai will showcase Australia’s Financial Services, Agriculture, Green Tech, Education, Biotechnology and urban development. ACBW 2012 Shanghai is offering a tailored program, including industry-focused forum, one-on-one business matching, networking function and luncheon to meet business needs.

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