Sunday, July 1st, 2012
The latest television commercial from Microsoft, launching its new ‘Surface’ tablet, has drawn the most positive response from ‘Technology Early Adopters’ and ‘Digitalised Students’, two of Roy Morgan’s new ‘Technology Adoption Segments’.

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The Microsoft Surface ad scored highly with these key segments among a group of eight current technology-related television commercials tested with Roy Morgan Research’s Reactor – the proven online application that continuously measures respondents’ reactions. Respondents were segmented using Roy Morgan Research’s newly-developed ‘Technology Adoption Segmentation’, which defines the Australian population into those who are more or less inclined to adopt technologies.

As the quickest segment in terms of their technology uptake, Technology Early Adopters are a crucial market for new products like Surface, therefore their positive reaction to the ad is particularly important.  It is interesting to note that the reaction among Technology Early Adopters becomes more positive throughout the ad as more of the Surface product features are highlighted or demonstrated.

At the other end of the scale, ‘Technophobes’ (laggards) had a negative reaction to the Microsoft Surface ad; in fact, they reacted most negatively to this ad, compared to the other the technology ads.  Comparing the reactions of the Technology Early Adopters with the Technophobes on The Reactor shows a near mirror image in terms of positive/negative reactions.

Part of the ‘early majority’ in terms of technology uptake, Digitalised Students had the most positive reaction to a number of these ads, including the Sony, Samsung Fridge and Microsoft Surface ads. Technology Early Adopters had a similarly positive response to these ads, indicating the successful targeting of these influential consumers by these brands.

Marcus Tarrant, Director of The Reactor for Roy Morgan Research, says:
“The Technology Early Adopters showed the most positive responses to the HTC, Sony, Microsoft and Samsung ads. Given the high tech nature of these products and content of the ads, this is a logical reaction by these tech savvy consumers.
“As a new entrant in the growing tablet market, Microsoft Surface will need to appeal particularly to the discerning, and often highly influential, ‘Technology Early Adopters’, so this is an excellent result for their launch ad.

“The Reactor always turns up interesting, and often unexpected results.  The surprise in the results of this batch of ads we tested was the surprisingly high appeal of many of the ads to the ‘Technology Engaged Retirees’ segment, including the ad for Samsung’s 3D Smart TV.  Maybe there’s a target audience here that we may not have automatically expected!”

Click here to view the results of this Technology Reactor test. Click here for more information on The Reactor.

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The latest television commercial from Microsoft, launching its new ‘Surface’ tablet, has drawn the most positive response from ‘Technology Early Adopters’ and ‘Digitalised Students’, two of Roy Morgan’s new ‘Technology Adoption Segments’.



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