Friday, June 29th, 2012
The last two months have seen a number of updates to Google's search algorithms which might have impacted your organic search traffic. An April 24 release, called 'Penguin', is designed to improve a user's search experience by 'demoting' sites that try to game the system, including overt traffic farming from keyword-specific domain names, duplicated content across domains, overdoing keyword density, and spoofed links designed to artificially boost search rankings. And just last week Google released a new iteration of the Panda algorithm.

Chaz McGregor, lead conversion manager at local digital agency Via Media Communications, says the updates are welcome news for most site owners, but there are still a few things to watch out for. "Basically Google is rewarding sites who use content in a genuine attempt to deliver quality information to visitors. That goal isn't new, but the Penguin release specifically targets those sites that we've all come to hate that are just link farms, or don't offer any otherwise usable information."

A Google certified search professional who joined Via in March, McGregor suggests a few simple checks to see if the SEO ranking of your site has been impacted by the changes. "The release came into effect on April 24, so log into analytics and see if there was a noticeable change in traffic - specifically organic search traffic - around this date. A noticeable movement in either direction will indicate some impact - if your traffic has remained steady or increased then you've got nothing to worry about, but if there's a drop in traffic you need to speak to your search agency or revisit Google's guidelines to make sure you're not using practices that the updates are designed to prevent."

And just getting traffic from organic search is only part of the puzzle. More and more business are now focussing on the science of lead generation and conversion, and Via Media's clients are seeing significant bottom line benefits from this data-led approach to marketing. "Creative is as important as ever", says agency principal Jason Neave, "but these days a great idea isn't good enough on its own - you need great execution, and you need to know how to measure whether it's working. A solid lead generation strategy and an understanding of conversion optimisation is a still a critical part of the marketing function."

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