Friday, June 29th, 2012
Perth-based communications company Captivate Global is celebrating their recent development of new on-hold-messaging software that’s thrust the 18-year old company into partnership negotiations with numerous global telecommunication giants.

“It’s been extremely exciting for us,” chief executive officer Mark Horwood said. “We knew we were on to something interesting, but didn’t realise how big it was going to be.”

Since receiving accreditation in 2011 from BroadSoft, the U.S. based global leader in hosted IP telephony platforms, Captivate Global has been in negotiations with U.S. and South African telecommunication companies as well as Australian giants Amcom and Telstra to roll out the technology to their customers.

The software integrates with hosted voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephone technology, which is the fastest emerging market in the telephone industry, allowing for instantaneous message updates removing the need for manual intervention on the phone system. It also removes the repetitiveness experienced by many on-hold customers.

“Essentially we found that our customers were having difficulty updating their outbound marketing messages as they had to physically upload them themselves, so we developed a technology that does the uploading for them.”

With today’s ever-changing communications landscape Mr. Horwood said both corporate and government bodies are finding it advantageous to be able to change their outbound messages almost instantaneously, particularly in emergency situations.

Mr. Horwood said this opportunity opened up only because the company invested in expensive research and development over 24 months.

“We redesigned our past on-hold messaging application with smart software and developed a service that essentially no other company in the world is able to do. All the technology was developed right here in Perth,” Horwood said.

“In the world of on-hold messaging this is pretty exciting stuff and for the end-user it means a better experience with whichever company you’re placed on hold with.”

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Captivate Global

Captivate Global is a South Perth based business that services the on hold messaging and voice prompt needs of over 2,500 Australian businesses nation-wide including many government agencies, corporate and small to medium enterprises. They continue to invest in product development and are now embarking on video-on-hold technology for SIP telephony.
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