Friday, June 29th, 2012
These days, there are many cost-effective options for backing up data – some of these options won’t even cost you anything. Free cloud storage is offered through many products, including your phone, home computer and anti-virus software. Additionally many companies are offering free storage to a certain limit such as Google Drive where users are offered 5GB of free storage.

Last month, a major Australian financial institution has taken a similar move to offer free cloud storage for online banking customers, as long as they stay under a generous file limit. With free storage options being offered from companies outside the IT industry, there is really no excuse for not backing up your data.

“The cloud is a great place to store most of your corporate data,” commented Kareem Tawansi, CEO of software development provider, Solentive Software.

“Although data stored in the cloud is relatively secure, it would still be wise to keep highly sensitive data within your control. This method involves a mixture of cloud-based options for your general corporate data and internal backup procedures for more sensitive data,” advised Kareem.

With so many free cloud storage options available on the market, backing up data is an inexpensive necessity that all organisations must partake. If you haven’t already done so, you need to backup your data soon, either through the cloud or other means before you lose it.

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