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Him!'s 2012 Shopper Tracker reinforces what many of its readers probably already know, that consumer sentiment is low, and that many of these same consumers are planning on tightening their belts over the next twelve months. Him! conducted an online survey in May 2012 with a nationally representative sample of 1000 shoppers aged over 16 years. The primary objective of this study was to capture feedback on shopper behaviour and attitudes across all aspects of life and then relate them back to the retail sector; where is the nation telling us they will spend their money in the next 12 months and what will this mean for broader shopping patterns and lifestyle.

Firstly, even though consumers are indicating that they will rein in their discretionary spending patterns by cutting down on dining out, barista-made coffees, and regular takeout meals; history and him! research tells us they will still reward themselves on a regular basis. Even when consumers are becoming more aware of their incoming and out goings they do not forget to treat themselves. In fact smaller everyday treats grow in relevance as a pick me up to the nation.

Secondly, if consumers aren't dining out then logically they are choosing to dine in, and as an extension of this logic, they are also choosing to entertain at home. Retail is well positioned to satisfy the needs of shoppers as they are heading home and planning their "big night in", many purchasing take home packs and entertainer size products. 45% of shoppers said that they will buy less take-away food in the next 12 months. 72% of shoppers said they will spend the same on local food as shoppers continue to support local businesses and market traders.

Thirdly shopper attitudes are becoming more price-conscious. The him! 2012 Shopper Tracker study shows that 40% of all shoppers would purchase more items on promotion in the next twelve months, while 20% are indicating that they would buy more of the retailers' own label products or cheaper brands. Nearly 60% of shoppers agreed that they will be living more within their means over the next 12 months, while 46% agreed that they will be saving on petrol costs by shopping locally. Attitudes change ahead of behavioural shift, so the next 12 months will allow us to monitor these shopper statements and track which become reality.

Lifestyles choices and the cost associated will also be more closely monitored in the next 12 months. 48% of him! study said that they are less likely to go on holidays abroad in the next twelve months, and while 53% indicated that they will use the gym/personal trainers less over the same period. However, while we may pull back on our own spend we are still willing to treat others; 70% of respondents will continue to buy gifts, presents, cards and flowers with the same frequency over the next 12 months.

Further information and informational diagrams are available from him! Australia.

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