Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Local Perth graphic design agency Moondust Design recommends that when businesses choose a design agency, that they don't just focus on price.

Creative Director of Perth design agency Moondust Design, Monique Theron said, "It can be really difficult for businesses to choose a suitable design agency! They should consider communication, flexibility, on time delivery service, experience and also education.

"I believe that an agency or designer should be able to communicate effectively with the client, so that they have a better chance of understanding what the client wants. Understanding comes through listening to what the client is saying, as well as what they are not saying."

Moondust Design encourages potential clients to choose a design partner based on the following qualities:

1. On time delivery - Can the design company provide a reliable service?

2. Cost effectiveness - More than just hourly rates need to be considered, such as the quality of their partners such as printers, and how long jobs take to complete.

3. Transparency in pricing - Can the designer demonstrate fair and reasonable pricing practices?

4. Honesty & trust - Does the designer have testimonials from recent clients?

5. Communication - Does the designer actively listen to ensure you will get what you want?

6. Flexibility - Is the designer willing to bend here and there, so you get the best results?

7. Options - Will the designer or agency give you various options and possibilities?

Monique Theron is a graphic designer, originally from South Africa, and has a creative flair and passion for delivering high quality design solutions to the world. Monique studied Advertising at the London University of Arts in London, Design at Tafe in WA and has over 8 years of experience as a Graphic Designer for national and international clients. With the capability to provide a range of solutions, utilising different Medias; Monique specialises in entire brand design concepts.

To help her communicate her own brand message to potential clients, Monique undertook a rebranding of her own company in 2012. This has led to a nomination in the 2012 Belmont Small Business Awards.

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Moondust Design

Moondust Design is a creative graphic design company in Perth, built on a reputation of trust and quality, which ensures clients keep on coming back for more! Moondust Design specialise in Branding & Marketing particularly in these areas: Print, Media & Advertising. Some of their recent clients include Perth Rotary Ramble, Grange Realty Group, BBC Entertainment, UCME Media & Vesco Foods.

A finalist in Belmont’s Small Business Award’s in 2010 & 2011; Moondust Design is committed to delivering exceptional service, cutting edge design and an appealing finished product to all clients. The Moondust team were born for design, with bubbling passion and creativity in their blood.
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