Monday, June 25th, 2012

According to reliable sources, Apple is changing the dock point in the new iPhone 5.
Will they or won't they?

Apple won't confirm or deny the reports. But they have left a lot of people up in the air, particularly those looking at a new music docking station.

Now is a great time to update to a wireless system and there are some awesome options on the market.

Apple has launched Apple Airplay, its wireless system, and there are a number of other quality Wi-Fi based systems such as Sonos on the market.

These are both great but still relatively expensive at this stage.

Bluetooth sound systems are much more reasonably priced.

GUNN Audio is a brand that is focused on wireless music players.

"The convenience of wireless sound systems is great," says Brady Gunn, CEO of GUNN Audio.

"These days our music is in our phones so it's not convenient to have them docked if we want to move around and text or surf the net.

"Most of us have some tunes in our computers too so it's great to play or stream with out plugging them in.

"Bluetooth is really easy to set up. You can be playing your music from your computer or phone within 30 seconds of plugging the system into the wall.

"It's a great time to buy a wireless sound system as a 30 point pin docking station could be useless with your iPhone 5."

GUNN's most popular Bluetooth model is the 'iWall Premier', at $349 with free delivery*.


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GUNN Audio

GUNN Audio is the expert in iPod, iPad, iPhone speaker dock and Bluetooth sound systems.

GUNN is committed to bringing you the best electronic equipment at the best possible prices.

GUNN is passionate about music and technology but believes Australians pay too much for quality products. We sell direct to you on line at warehouse prices. No middle men. 

GUNN is continually developing new and innovative products.

Our team is passionate about fantastic customer service! We'll stick by you and won't let you down.


Brady Gunn
P: 0415 111 251


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