Friday, June 22nd, 2012
The Australian Web Awards are now underway and web developers and designers have begun submitting their best work. This year there’s a new and separate set of awards called the Crowdies,, that invite the man on the street and the woman on the laptop to nominate their favourite web sites.

They can nominate any Australian site, scoring it from -100 to +100 for Visuals, Usability and Content.

Nominations are free and the rules allow people to nominate their own site (once).

The more nominations, the more likely a site is to make the final list. Those sites will be judged by the general public in an online poll on the Crowdies Facebook page; September 9th.

Committee Member Bret Treasure says the Crowdies is a chance to reveal the writing and design gems people have stumbled upon, as well as a chance to criticise sites that are broken, have poor navigation and were last updated in 1989.

“We hope to unearth great talent but our real agenda is to raise awareness of the need to work to industry standards. Yes, your nephew can do a web site cheaply but is it accessible by all users, does it contravene Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and does it abide by Australian Privacy Laws and data security standards?“

The Australian Web Awards are judged by well-regarded industry professionals and cover web and mobile versions in Personal, Ecommerce, Commercial, Government, Education, Culture & Events, Not for Profit and Innovation categories. They’re serious awards that look at the build quality of the site and adherence to technical standards as well as content and design.

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