Wednesday, July 4th, 2012
In the twelve months to January 2012, Kiwi men aged 50+ accounted for 28% of the alcohol market, well ahead of the next biggest group, Men 35-49 with 22%. These are the latest findings from the Roy Morgan Research Single Source Survey of over 11,000 New Zealanders aged 18+.
The consumption of alcohol is based on the number of glasses of all types of alcoholic drinks and the chart below shows that men 25+ account for 63% of the total.

Top 5 Alcohol Segments in New Zealand

*Based on number of glasses drunk. Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Feb11-Jan12, New Zealand 18+, n=11,423.

Beer dominates the consumption of alcohol amongst Men Aged 50+ with 66% of the total, compared to the population average of 57%. Wine is in second place with 19% followed by Spirits 11% and RTD 2%.

New Zealand Men 50+ Type of alcohol consumed (over an average 4 week period)

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Feb11-Jan12, New Zealand Men aged 50+, n=2,332.

Pip Elliott, Head of Roy Morgan New Zealand, Roy Morgan Research says:
“There is a commonly held view that the younger age groups in New Zealand are consuming the most alcohol and as a result companies appear to be directing their marketing efforts to these groups.

“In fact, the largest segment of drinkers is males over 50 who consume 28% of all alcohol consumed in New Zealand over the last 12 months. This group is well ahead of the next largest segment, men 35-49 with 22%.

“Beer is by far the most common category of alcohol that Kiwi men consume across all age groups and it accounts for 66% of the total consumed by men 50+. Beer includes all types such as full-strength, mid-strength, light, premium and imported beer in all formats – packaged or draught.

“Although beer is the most common type of alcohol consumed by Kiwi men, men aged 50+ consumed the least amount of beer in comparison to other male age groups but consumed the most volume of wine.  Wine includes still and sparkling wine in both bottle and cask.”


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In the twelve months to January 2012, Kiwi men aged 50+ accounted for 28% of the alcohol market, well ahead of the next biggest group, Men 35-49 with 22%.



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