Thursday, June 21st, 2012
From the Art Gallery of South Australia to CBD office buildings across Australia and operating theatres and hospitals in Thailand and the United States, SMAC Technologies of Adelaide has found a global market for its innovative air conditioning technology.

Just six months since it won the 2011 Australian Clean Technologies Competition, worldwide interest in the company’s technology and new business opportunities have heated up.

The Shaw Method of Air Conditioning (SMAC) advanced temperature and humidity control technology provides a comfortable, healthier and more productive working environment while also delivering huge energy cost savings of up to 85%.

SMAC is now being sought out for high value environments such as museums, art galleries, libraries, office buildings, hospitals, specialised workplaces and shopping centres.

“Humidity together with temperature control are the key issues in high value environments. Indeed the humidity is the number one issue for galleries and museums where their humidity control often determines which touring exhibitions they can attract,” said SMAC Director Wayne Ryan.

It all started when a SMAC pilot facility was approved for the retrofitting of the Art Gallery of South Australia’s West Wing Galleries in 2004. The pilot was a success with a 60% reduction in the cost of air conditioning and a significant improvement in air conditioning quality.

As the home to millions of dollars worth of irreplaceable works of art and cultural treasures, the Art Gallery required the highest quality of temperature and humidity control to safely protect its collection.

Now, with a pilot project in a major US hospital, commercial installations underway in 100 operating theatres across Thailand, and office buildings around Australia, SMAC has found a ready market for its innovative and cost-saving technology.

Wayne Ryan said winning the Australian Clean Technologies Competition last year was a definite game-changer for SMAC Technologies.

“In the period since winning the Award there has been a dramatic acceleration in business deals and activity. Much of which can be attributed to the profile and validation that came with the Award. People are asking for our technology by name. You cannot put a price on the Award in marketing terms.”

SMAC CEO Taffy Horwood has now been appointed as a Mentor for the 2012 Clean Technologies Competition.

The 2012 Australian Clean Technologies Competition is now open for entries from innovative clean technology companies.

Up to thirty of the best companies chosen to participate as competition semi-finalists will be eligible to take part in a Cleantech Business Accelerator Program which will be tailored to suit the diversity of needs reflected in growing businesses, such as access to venture capital, patent support, legal advice, research support or corporate assurance.

Entries close on June 26, 2012.

More information on the Australian Clean Technologies Competition is available at

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SMAC Technologies has developed and patented the Shaw Method of Air Conditioning (SMAC), a breakthrough technology which delivers significant energy savings and superior air comfort over conventional air conditioning systems in commercial, government and institutional buildings worldwide.

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