Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Sydney, Australia:   LiquidLEDs Lighting has introduced its new G-125 6 Watt LED Dimmable Globe to help householders and commercial users win the battle to consume less power while providing an improved lighting solution.

The globe produces light equal to a 40W incandescent bulb, while consuming only a fraction of the power, at 6W.

Michael Moskvin, Managing Director of LiquidLEDs Lighting, says that the G-125 LED Globe is the first true replacement for the G-125 40 Watt incandescent globe.

“The new G-125 globe provides added lighting brilliance and householders will find they the new dimmable feature an ideal way to match their moods and needs,” Mr Moskvin said.

“G-125 is the only bulb in the world right now that gives you perfect 360-degree, power versus light, solution with 360-degree lighting brilliance, so you can save power now with better and safe lighting."

Mr Moskvin says that Australians have embraced LED technology. 

"It’s ecologically safe with negligible carbon emissions. Your average 40W incandescent globe requires replacement every 2000 hours of usage, and only if you are extremely lucky, while the G-125 gives a minimum of 15,000 hours of continuous use and yes with an extended one-year warranty.”

More information about the G-125 6 Watt LED Dimmable Globe is available from

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