Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Kogan, Australia’s leading online retailer, has just unveiled its brand new virtual store, reinforcing its place at the helm of Australian online retail.

The completely overhauled site introduces a wide range of some of the most leading features and technologies in ecommerce.

New features include:

• The Kogan SmartShip calculator that allows for packaging of items to be combined, providing customers with greater savings on their shipping costs.

• Faster and more effective means of contact with the Kogan team through live chat access across every page.

• Tailored recommendations for useful accessories for products (such as cables and wall mounts), with the added capacity for group discount when several products are purchased together.

• A brand new help centre that provides answers in an instant. The intelligent system offers customers’ access to an information base that reaches far beyond standard frequently asked questions.

• The Kogan Live Sales Feed showing users live what people are buying from Kogan.

• More advanced filtering and search functions with faster load times.
Kogan Director of Technology, Goran Stefkovski said the revamped online store heralds a new era in the Australian ecommerce space.

“This new site makes Kogan one of the leading, most feature-rich virtual stores in the world.

“This state-of-the-art website is the result of a thorough review of data gathered over a 6-year online presence that equates to pageviews in the hundreds of millions.

“In addition to that we’ve paid attention to Kogan reviews and feedback and listened to what our customers had to say when describing their optimal online retail experience.

“The new Kogan site utilises scalable cloud architecture – similar to that employed by You Tube and Instagram. This leading technology means we now have capacity to incorporate new features quickly and easily. It also means we can launch into a new location in a matter of minutes - as opposed to the considerable time and effort it takes to build a customised local website.

“While we’re certainly proud of what’s been created with this new site, we’re always aware of the potential for improvement. Internal Kogan review channels mean we’re continuously innovating to ensure we’re creating the best online experience for Kogan customers,” Mr. Stefkovski said.

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Kogan is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of consumer electronics. Kogan's streamlined business model allows us to bring the latest and best consumer electronics and home appliances direct to the door of smart shoppers through and We engage our customers through our blog, Facebook and Twitter, and release new products based on the feedback we receive. We believe there is always a better way to create and deliver the technology people want. We think technology can make the world a better place, and we want it more affordable for all.
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