Wednesday, June 20th, 2012
Debra Singh, CEO of Dick Smith, invited other Chief Executive Women (CEW’s) to raise money at a charity dinner held at the newly created Ayurvedic Wellness Centre. The charity dinner was to support Mahboba’s Promise, a charity to help Afghani widows and children to be self-sufficient. The CEW’s raised funds by buying massage treatments, with 20% of the evening’s proceeds going to Mahboba’s Promise.

As part of the evening, speaker Dr Shaun Matthews outlined how our body and mind can benefit greatly from Ayurvedic practices, including use of kitchen herbs, food, hot oil massage treatments and medical/lifestyle consultations. He also explained how to maintain health today, with a particular emphasis on managing personal wellbeing as an executive woman.

Rita Sagrani, the creator of the Centre said “In 2010, my friends & I started our contribution, which came to be called the Platinum Sewing Machine Project. We are proud to support Mahboba’s Promise”. She showed photos of the widows gratefully receiving the sewing machines purchased with her friends donations and the clothing made by the 284 women taking advantage of this project in the Panjshir Valley School. She said her vision is to support the opening of sewing schools throughout Afghanistan.

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The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre opened in mid 2011 and it is the first of kind in Sydney to offer authentic Ayurvedic massage and other Ayurvedic treatments, with medical assessment and Ayurvedic consultations. The Centre specialises in Ayurvedic herbal oil massage and related therapies using a combination of natural medicated herbal oils and healing techniques customised for each person’s body type.
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