Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

MANCHESTER & MELBOURNE - 20th June 2012 – UK media technology company OneSoon has released its advertising analytics product Adalyser to Australian and New Zealand advertisers and media agencies. Adalyser is a cloud based advertising analysis tool that uses statistical models to automatically match media investment to leads and sales. Graphs, charts and reporting tools let the user visualise the results easily so they can precisely understand their ROI.

Look at any job advertised by a media agency or marketing department in Australia and New Zealand and the chances are you will see a list of skills that include 'Knowledge of Excel - SPSS is an advantage'. Driven largely by advertisers who demand greater accountability of ad spend, so the need for data analysis and econometric modelling services within the advertising industry has grown. Until recently, only the largest media agencies could afford to invest in sophisticated analysis systems or recruit their own in-house data experts.

Richard Taylor-Carr, Managing Director of OneSoon explains how the idea came about "In 2009 we were advertising a mobile messaging service for consumers looking to buy or sell their car. When we started advertising on TV, we saw big spikes in sales each time our advertisement aired. Our media agency were able to provide excel reporting, but it took them time and a lot of effort to perform the matching and the reporting was a little clunky. What we wanted was a near real-time easy to use analysis tool that could match leads and sales back to spots and insertions. We wanted an overall view of how media investment was driving people online and wanted to drill down to find what exactly was most effective. We couldn't find anyone else developing this kind of technology and grasped the opportunity."

Two years on and Adalyser is in use by more than 300 advertisers throughout the UK and Europe. OneSoon estimate that during 2012, over £500 million worth of ad spend will be processed by Adalyser systems.

Taylor-Carr went on to say "Agencies are 100% committed to measuring advertising performance. By offering greater transparency and accountability they win more business while retaining more client accounts. Being able to get the performance picture so granular offers massive benefits to the advertisers who can then fine tune their media spend to hit the right spots, channels, day parts or program on TV and Radio, and better understand creative choices and placements for print based advertising".

OneSoon's partner, Commercial Monitors will be supporting Adalyser clients in Australia and New Zealand.

Mark Scatchard, Director for Commercial Monitors said, "We are very excited to be working with the Adalyser team to develop new business and support local clients. Adalyser is a first class data-driven analysis product and aligns very well with our services. Our goal is to help advertisers and agencies get more intelligence from their data, so they can that maximise ROI.” He added, “We can populate Adalyser with almost ‘real-time’ broadcast data for your advertisements, ensuring you know exactly what activity is driving response. This gives advertisers an unparalleled ability to track performance across multiple media and optimise their campaign activity with a level of currency not offered in Australia or New Zealand before”.

Adalyser is available now for clients in Australian and New Zealand by contacting Commercial Monitors on +613 9555 9850. For more information about Adalyser, go to

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