Saturday, November 7th, 2009

School attendance management specialist MGM Wireless (ASX:MWR) has announced a world-first innovation that enables schools to implement sophisticated software for student safety and attendance communication free of charge.

The new service, which incorporates secure identity authentication and a patent-pending system for creating a pool of SMS text credits for each school, includes MGM’s entire range of attendance management products.

Called msgPool, the system makes crisis messaging – for example, bushfire alerts or unexpected school closures – free, while parents make a micropayment charged to their phone bill for other information such as non-attendance, sports days, homework and other critical communications.

MGM Wireless Chairman and founder Mark Fortunatow says the new platform removes barriers to state-of-the-art communication for hard-pressed schools while making sure that no parent is disadvantaged.

“It has been proven that two-way text messaging improves communication and strengthens the bond between schools and parents, especially at the primary school level,” Mr Fortunatow said. “The new msgPool system uses our unique algorithm to take into account parents who may be from different socio-economic backgrounds. It provides highly secure, equitable access for every school and every parent.”

The solution includes the MGM Wireless School Communication Best Practice Manual, free help desk services, and the software, which incurs no annual licensing fees.

"Every incoming message from parents is authenticated by our system for anomalies to ensure it fits the student's profile and identifies the sender using a unique ID," Mr Fortunatow added.

MGM Wireless currently serves over 500 schools across Australia, is the preferred supplier for Western Australian Department of Education and NSW Education Department Sydney Region, and serves many of Australia’s leading Independent, Lutheran and Catholic Schools.

About msgPool

msgPool™ creates an SMS credit pool for general school communication. Parents make a micropayment charged to their mobile phone account to receive non-attendance SMS communication from the school.

The number of SMS credits generated by msgPool varies according to the micropayment tariff and number of non-attendance texts sent. Credits are then available free of charge for the school to send any other information such as school event reminders, late breaking news, announcements and other critical communications.

* In exceptional circumstances, there may be an insufficient number of free msgPool SMS credits available for the school to use. In such cases, the school can purchase additional top-up credits on-line.

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MGM Wireless Ltd and Messageyou, LLC

MGM Wireless Ltd is a public company with a market capitalisation of A$ 3.7 m listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX code: MWR). The company trades as Messageyou, LLC in the United States, with its head office in Silicon Valley at Sunnyvale, Cal.  The company’s patented SMS School communication solutions empower schools to effectively communicate to parents and caregivers using SMS text messaging in combination with culturally sensitive communication to improve attendance, student welfare, safety and parent engagement. MGM Wireless is recognized in Australia and internationally as pioneers and market leaders. MGM’s professional services team delivers an integrated suite of software and communications using its own infrastructure. The solutions enable schools to reduce costs, increase productivity, discharge their duty of care, engage parent involvement, and ultimately improve student learning and social outcomes. Schools in Australia, New Zealand and America use Messageyou software in their day to day operations.
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Public company MGM Wireless has developed new technology that enables every school to offer parents secure, equitable access to effective school communication, with a focus on student safety and attendance.



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